New Year’s Resolution Fat Loss Diet Tips To Control Your Hunger!


If your goal is to lose weight, than these fat loss tips will help…
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New Year’s Resolution Time is here and it’s the time of year when 99% of the population wants to lose fat and get in better shape. In this video you’re going to learn some practical tips and strategies that will help you to control your hunger and stick to your fat loss diet plan.

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  1. Hey lee love the videos got a question for you.

    So right now my current workout split is hitting each body part once a week

    • Legs 16 sets
    • Back 16 sets
    • Chest 14 sets
    • Shoulders 14 sets
    • Biceps 12 sets
    • Triceps 12 sets
    • Traps 6 sets
    • Forearms 6 sets
    • Calves 6 sets

    I got Arnold's encylopedia book for Christmas and he, many other websites, and fitness channels advises working out 6 days a week hitting each body part twice a week. Im kind of confused on how many sets to do per work out. Are you suppose to just cut the sets in half or just do a little lower volume per workout but make it add up to be more? What Im saying is are you suppose to do like 2 legs workouts a week of 8 sets or do 2 a week of like 9 or 10 sets so you get more total volume but not just destroying the body part all at once.

    Also, when you workout is like this there isn't a whole lot of variety in the workout so would it be fine if one of my leg days be more for quads the second for hams, one back day be more for width and one more for thickness, one chest day for upper the other more for lower chest, etc.?

    PS: I'm 15, been working out for like 7 months

  2. Daaaaaamn… I thought i already knew everything about dieting. Yes and are coca-cola zero and lights okay? They got like 1-2 calories in the hole bottle… And i've heard that they are unhealthy. But milk is healthy and it has got like stupid much calories in it. So am i better off drinking coca-cola zeros or milk?

  3. lee ive been on ur 3 day workout split and i do it monday tuesday wensday then i start over thursday friday saturday.  i was wanting to know if i was working out to many days in the week. should i just go monday wensday friday and would i build more muscle for less days a week cause im geting more rest.

  4. Hey lee. Love the videos u do. Have a question for u what should i eat to lose fat. Im working out. Seen some results. But this fat its making me crazy. Have 1,73 cm and i have 74kg. 4 times a week im going to the gym for about 6 months. Thanks a lot. Bruno

  5. Your fantastic brother , I was called for sanitation Nyc Witch believe it or not anyway I need to pass there physical exam , strength , medical . I'm still 280 lbs and 5'10" love the protein idea but I need to drop 25 lbs by mid February . Please brother , I have free weights and a punching bag as my disposal … Help me lee I won't listen to most people

  6. Thnx for the dedicated vdio  LEE. will try it out this time… and m sure ur advice will work fr me as it awlys hav been…

    Happy new year to the whole  Lee familee including SASHA and ur  CAMARO aka bumble lee 😀

  7. what types of exercise, intensity, frequency are ok during high & low carb days for max fat loss? What macros and calories you have for yourself on high and low carb days?  and also could you explain about food timing around those exercises  ( without use of any supplements or protein powders please)


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