Measure Success In Your Belly Apron – Plus Size Weight loss


Coach Tulin shares how to see progress in the evolution of your tummy during the weightloss process. Why does it jibble? Why is the skin loose? It’s progress honey!

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  1. I noticed what you're talking about first in my arms – maybe because I didn't like to look at my belly at all. I noticed my arms getting looser and more "textured" as the fat came off and the skin wasn't as "full". Thankfully my husband – who is a wealth of common sense – pointed this exact thing out to me, so I'm keeping on keeping on, filling that skin up with MUSCLE! Keep being the inspiration that you are!!

  2. I am a plus size woman with the classic hourglass figure. I am a strong weightlifter and have no problems with any area of my body – but my goddamn apron belly. I used to wear tightly laced corsets all the time, never used to exercise, and lived a boozy party lifestyle. So, my abs atrophied, and fat grew there. Now – no matter what i do, i can't seem to shift the beast. It's like a creature has kinda glued itself to me. I am also a proud GG cup chest with broad shoulders- and i don't want to lose my bazookas. Is it possible to lose the apron belly without losing the boobs? xx


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