3 Month Vegan Update! (Weight Loss on RawTill4)


Thanks so much for following along on my journey with me! Remember it’s never too late to start a Vegan lifestyle, and if you need help and advice I’m always here for you. But for those questions I can’t answer, or you don’t feel comfortable asking me, feel free to check out the resources below… Thanks so much for watching. Love yall! xoxox, Jacquelyn Lovene

Freelee the Banana Girl’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLwUd5KtYONsRJ3UAOojZ0w
Freelee’s Website: http://thebananagirl.com/
30 Banana’s a Day: http://www.30bananasaday.com/
My Raw Till 4 Life: http://rawtill4diet.com/

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  1. Hello +ForthWorthFamous I have just started my vegan lifestyle about 5 days ago. I weighed my self on sept 1st and then I weighed myself again today sept 4th and I've gained a 1lb. And I have been eating nothing but raw foods, veggies, fruits, and then for dinner rice or veggie burger or something in that nature. but all I have been eating is fresh fruits and veggies. I am slightly disappointed. have anyone like gained a pound or so when first starting off going vegan. My main purpose of going vegan was sadly to loose weight.ย  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

  2. Im new to this lifestyle too. I love how i feel!! It is soooooo nice to NOT feel hungry (and miserable ) all the time. I feel like i have been lied to all my life about so-called "nutrition "……why didn't we know just how bad meat and dairy were for us?? I chanced upon freelee a few months ago and it was like a revelation. Im in Ohio so greetings from the Midwest, Texas! Oh, and i too have lost about 10 lbs right out the gate as well.

  3. 135 lbs… that's not to fat that's like baby fat. I'm shocked freelee's diet actually worked. I eat lots of fruits but eh… restricting is all that ever got me flat all flexitarian diet is good for is helping me get there faster to the last 10lbs though the rest is restrict then back to flexing hehe. I always get screwed and have to fast the last 10lbs out with tiny little portions then I just return to maintenance food and eating fuller to stay there. You're very cute btw

  4. You are so gorgeous!! Just wondering do you experience bloating? I've been consistently doing rawtil4 for about 3 months now as well but I get soo bloated from all the fibre:(

  5. i really want to be vegan but my family dont suport me and im 13 .. i have no fruit in my house of veges just meet and chicken … it is 6 pm and all i have eaten is one banana and 2 bottles of water . what should i do ?

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  7. Why are vegans so insulted by us asking "where do you get your protein"? Are we not allowed to be concerned about your health? Wow, sorry for caring about you, I guess? I know so many vegans who attack me for just drinking a class of milk… well if you claim to be so peaceful, leave me alone! I will do what I want.

  8. There might have been a lot of oil in that meal and if you've not been consuming it then it could've messed with your stomach. Just make sure you're getting a lot of leafy greens in! Its tempting on RawTill4 to just eat fruit and starch because thats whats emphasises but you would get all the nutrients you need unless you eat a lot of greens

  9. wow..you look amazing from month 1 to month 3. your skin and hair have changed for the better. you now have a glow and healthy look now. Keep it up! i just start for 2 days now your video is quite encouraging and I can't wait to see my 1 month, 3 months transformation!! Im 5'4" and weight 160lbs. i want to be 125-130lbs…Can't wait! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Totally enjoyed hearing your updates and will watch more. Just started on this path myself. Also lacking a gallbladder so paying attention to it and interesting to hear that aspect from you. My body quite likes brown rice though. I wonder if you had some food poisoning with that meal. I've had it happen with a plant based meal I ate from a fast food establishment before. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing!

  11. i weighed around 85kg and was only 165cm tall (16 year old male) around 3 months ago.
    i started working out 2 and a half months ago and i became vegetarian nearly 2 months ago, finally i went vegan a little less than a month ago.
    i lost 15 kg and simultaneously grew by 10cm in only 3 months. (most of this is happened after i became vegetarian, so actually only 2 months)
    i haven't been thinking about calories or anything else really. i have even been drinking a bunch of soy chocolate milk and other unhealthy vegan products. It's simply amazing what a plant-based diet can do for your health!

  12. Omg what an inspiration I know this video is a little old. However, I just started my vegan journey of 7 days now. And let me tell ya it hasn't been easy. It's good to hear that you have no desire to go back, such inspiration ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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