1 Hour Weight Loss Yoga Workout For Beginners. Full Body Yoga Class At Home


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1 Hour Weight Loss Yoga Workout For Beginners. Full Body Yoga Class At Home

In this Yoga workout video, Erica Vetra gives you a full body workout which is a follow along beginners yoga for weight loss workout. This full hour class is a basic weight loss yoga routine. This video will help you burn off tummy fat so that you lose weight.

Erica Vetra teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners. Full Body At Home 1 Hour Workout & Yoga Class

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  1. I know this yoga plan is to help people lose weight which is why I started doing it. I did this only once and my chronic back pain was gone for 3days now. I still can’t believe it. I’ve tried everything for my back pain but niet. Just wanna say Thank you for this. Thank you

  2. Fabulous! Comfortable pace and time , very clear instructions. Thanks . Part of the world where I live, we have intense summer and winter so rain is a relief from scorching heat and sun is comforting in winter.

  3. Such a good work out! Definitely looking forward to doing more! I'm used to doing to short yoga videos but for a work our I much prefer this hour long work out! My fav colour is also purple 😋

  4. ERICA! Thanks again for the incredible instructions on all your videos. I do either 2 of your 20 minute work outs most of the week but i do add your hour long ones a few days a week also. I'm just getting use to the longer workouts but my back injuries has taken me back a few years. So thankful for warrior 1 and 2 movements; that seems to be the hardest for me to accomplish with correct form. working hard to get back to flexible and strong – thankyou thank you – hope you are well and still enjoying your kickboxing i hope 🙂

  5. Well, I love my weights and HIIT and truck but when on my period I turn into a Yoga and pilates lover… I do not know what's wrong with me! This work out was amazing!

  6. I’m getting back into yoga after years off from medical issues and I LOVE and appreciate your guided practices so much! Is there a video that might have a quicker flow but still entry level? I find the poses a tad too long for me. I love that you talk to us like friends, it makes the process like an in person class. I’m so thankful I found your channels! Thank you!!!

  7. I am a beginner and your video was very clarifying. I have been so confused as to where I am engaging or activating and which poses are completely relaxed, when I am suppose to have a flat back, where I am suppose to feel the pose… thank you, I have been doing yoga wrong the whole time. But I’m still having difficulty with forward fold, flat back and mountain. Do you have a video on just mastering each pose?

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  11. This is my first long workout video, i usually limit myself to 30 minutes but this was worth a try. i did about 75% coz I couldnt achieve some of the harder poses like the side plank, really hard for me. I loved the video and i'll try to get to 100% with time.
    P.S: my favourite colour is turqouise blue I like sunny days and rainy nights which is what is currently happening where am from, near the Kenyan capital. Amyway, it seems am a little late in the game, the last comment is like a year old, wow.

  12. This is very well done. The best part is your clear verbal descriptions, which enabled me to focus on the yoga and not have to look away from the pose to compare my pose to the video.

  13. I really love this one hour class 🙂 I haven't done yoga in a long time and it was a really nice not that easy class (which i prefer ). and the happy baby pose was more easy and felt better at the end of the class 🙂 thank you for this video !!

  14. Hello! I am a new yogi who could not afford to go to her favorite yoga studio anymore. I decided to look up some beginner yoga workouts on YouTube for my apartment and I came across yours. In the studio, I was doing 1 hour classes so I am used to that BUT you worked me out girl! This was definitely a lot more challenging, which I am grateful for because it feels like I actually did get exercise the whole time. Keep up the amazing videos!

  15. Thank you so much for this yoga session
    Am from India and tried it for the very first time…
    Sweating like hell and am happy that i could do at least 32minutes
    Next day will do more

  16. I have severe PCOS and hormonal imbalance and suddenly I was 80 kgs for the first time in my life. I lost 8 kgs in 2 months thanks to your video. Now I again wanted to get back to yoga, and couldn’t find anything better than this one. I absolutely love this video and you are a wonderful trainer making it really comfortable to push your self for that one hour. Thanks for everything.

  17. Wonderful video! I really like all the stretching during the workout and not just at the end. I vote for longer workouts. So if you are thinking about making another hour long video, I would really like that. 🙂


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