The Drs. Stage Honey Boo Boo Obesity Intervention


This week on The Doctors, Doctor Stork stages a “health intervention” to save the life of reality TV star Honey Boo Boo. Nine years old and 125 pounds, Honey Boo Boo’s childhood obesity puts her at risk for early death from common life threatening “adult” diseases including diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

So what is Dr. Stork’s diet prescription for weight loss and improved health? Will it get Honey Boo Boo off the high fat foods that have caused the 4 foot, 6 inch girl’s weight to be double what a child her age and size should weigh?

Learn more from about the truth about chicken:

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  1. 1:53 yo I'm a vegetarian but that can't be right that's a chicken fat nutrition guide. I think you searched chicken fat content and you found a label for chicken fat. Ez mistake but chicken legs are super high in fat and not impressive in any way so you're still right just be careful.

  2. How are you going to get a little kid who makes a face when you even mention an avocado to eat an entirely plant based diet? It's going to be hard enough to get them to implement even these things.

  3. I have never watched this show, and don't intend to, but I'm sure it's scripted to some degree or they are told where to lean. I wonder if this show has a disclaimer on it or is considered "entertainment".

  4. LOL "Dangerously high potassium levels". How many people do you see with heart disease? That Doctor Stroke should lose his license. There's no room for lies when you are dealing with your health. Go Vegan!

  5. My wife did the vegan thing for about 2 years and just didn’t care for it. A lot of the Vegan dishes weren’t all that good though some were. She decided on moderation and changed the times that she eats. It’s never been about weight loss as much as it is trying to eat healthy. We just don’t know what’s in the foods we eat.

  6. The reason I have trust issues is because of such crooked doctors who will give you advise that will slowly kill you, while they make money and support big corporations. They have absolute no regard for your health and well being.

  7. sorry to say this but bacon and eggs is MUCH better than eating a processed wheat bagel, not that bacon and eggs is good but c'mon! a bagel isnt even FOOD at all in any sense of the word. i think if someone ate a tiny bit of bacon and 2 eggs and 2 cups of steamed broccolli they would live to be 100, its all in the combination. I am mostly plant based and indeed i think we need 70% or so of our calories from plants (veggies, not really too much fruit but thats just my opinion) but i feel so much better with a little (not much ) chicken or some protein. i think our species has eaten protein for probably oh i would say 4+million years, and mostly vegetation. Im not tryin to be a jerk or nuthin i just dont totally agree we can live 100%healthy on only veggies and fruit! Thats all im saying, i love health and everything , i have prtty much dedicated my life to it and finding what really works but i cant Only eat bananas and spinach all day and Thrive, Tell me what im doing wrong maybe? Im not trying to be confrontational at all =) Indeed i agree with most of what everything you say and the "doctors" suck btw, they dont know anything about Health lol, And yes im SUbbed, cause i totally respect you guys! Guess im just on a Journey of sorts……

  8. This is why Doctor Dork not Stork who loves being feed by media and industry are so Brainwash and screw up !! As vegan for 20 years and be 50 years Kristen to your body not society !! A plant based reverse it !!

  9. How is 'what you're eating' being the culprit ironic? Apparently the doctor didn't major in English his first four years. Maybe he majored in something useful like: Glass-blowing.

  10. In my opinion, I'd say she should eat more fruits, vegetables, continue to eat meat in smaller portions. If she wants ice cream or other junk food then the vegan variations would be better for her. And she should drink water.

  11. fried chicken to lose weight– dairy to lose weight —- WTF?!?!?!?!

    give her: berries, vegetables, fruits, baked potatoes, brown rice with beans veggies spices, cold water

    protein-pushers are the DEATH OF US

  12. Those nutritional fact numbers are incorrect. If you want to make a point make it but don’t post misleading information. Yes chicken is not supposed to make you thin. Chicken helps with creating muscle. It’s probably because the banana thing which I’m pretty sure your still bitter about.


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