Blueprint to Cut


Building your dream body is about more than what you do in the gym. It’s about what you do in your mindβ€”how you visualize your success and envision your legacy. Arnold Schwarzenegger pictured himself as a champion bodybuilder, and he built a blueprint to become just that. Whether you want to shred for a competition or lose weight for life, Arnold’s Blueprint to Cut will help you succeed.


  1. I have work out all my life in my job and I am like you(but fater) when you was the best. I am Swedish, I way 135 kg today, I way 145 for a time when I was a monster. Because of a traffic accident I damagde my body total, but I still work out in form of walking and light body bilding. You are a inspiration to all people and me. All english is not right in swedish and I am not good in english. High school in sweden.

  2. I suddenly decided to go have breakfast at a place in Los Gatos ,California. I was texting looking down at my phone while I tried to open the door at the restaurant. At the same time someone was coming out of it and my face just bumped into his chest ..I looked up and said "I'm so sorry " he mentioned "it's ok" while retrieved my face from stamping it into his torso , I looked up it was ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER …hooolllyyyy shhhhiiiiitttttt… mind went into " what the heck……" Mode and I wanted to say " Hi, I have been your fan from 20plus years , Can I PLEASE have a picture with you , You are the man". At the end, no words came out of my fricking mouth while I had the biggest choked on my throat and I saw him walked out to his car ,of course the whole people around the restaurant where cracking up ……lol. ..ohh man. I did photo shop his picture next to me but it looks terrible …True story. Haha.


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