Camille's Paleo Kitchen Episode 1 | Getting Started with Paleo!


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The paleo diet is based on the types of foods eaten by early humans, consisting mostly of wild and organic meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and lots of healthy fats. It seeks to unwind the damage caused by the Standard American Diet and generally excludes grains, legumes, refined and processed food and dairy.

Do you know someone who’s “gone paleo” and lost weight or overcome illness, but you feel overwhelmed about where to start?

Need a little motivation and inspiration to get on the paleo bandwagon so you can begin experiencing weight loss, improved moods and energy and even miraculous healing of digestive and other chronic issues that may have plagued you for years?

If so, this episode is for you!

Today we will be making a meal that shows you just how simple, affordable and delicious paleo for the whole family really can be.

Pan-seared chicken, creamy tomato sauce, whipped sweet potatoes, 5-minute rainbow slaw salad and some superfood chocolate bark for dessert.

Stay tuned to the end of today’s episode, where you’ll discover how to win one of my favorite kitchen tools, a Saladmaster Machine, that will help you prep beautiful fresh veggies and fruit in no time flat!

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  1. THIS SHOW IS AWESOME! So fun, fast-paced and super easy to learn from!! Camille demystifies cooking in general and shows you how easy, fast and delicious it is cook Paleo. Who knew you could put garlic in later and peel ginger the way she does?  Love it!

  2. Beautiful!  Thank you so much for starting this series.  I came over from the Primal Blueprint podcast and can't even say how thrilled I am to be seeing something like this get started.  I'm adapting this chicken recipe tonight… we can't use cashews because we've got a peanut allergy in our house (we have to be extra careful about nuts… so almond flour/meal is out, too!), but I'm sure it will still be so good.  Thanks again!

  3. The recipes you make Inspire me, The true to yourself personality inspires me. The Salad master cookware inspires me to want to cook again! That salad master machine inspires me to want to make that salad! It looks yummie! That chicken inspires me! You inspire me! Ive never seen vitamix used that inspires me! THAT DISH INSPIRES ME TO WANT TO COOK AGAIN!!!!! thank you!!! God bless you!!!!! @Camille Macres

  4. Good video. Just a small correction: what happens in the pan is amino acids reacting with caramelizing sugars (Maillard reaction); it has nothing to do with umami (L-glutamate), although, as you mention, tomatoes are an umami-rich ingredient. Other than that, can't wait to watch the other episodes 😉

  5. I'm excited about this channel. However, I'd like to point out that most brands of coconut oil spray have either canola oil, or soybean oil in them – they are not particularly Paleo. My husband who's not on board with Paleo, and does not read everything he buys like I do, bought me two cans, which I'm grudgingly using IF I need to. By just placing a real thin layer of coconut oil on the pan should work as well. Also, are the chocolate chips, and goji berries sugar free, and where did purchase them? I have the hardest time finding sugar free dried fruits.

    Thank you, and I cannot wait to make this entire meal! 😊

  6. So confused about paleo. this sounds amazing but I thought we could not have nightshades which goji berries are in that family? Also we aren't supposed to have seeds? also thought chocolate was not allowed unless perhaps raw cocao? and lastly to radiate anything in the microwave seems counterproductive for keeping our food healthy?

  7. I am soo exited and happy to find this video. I am planning to start Paleo lifestyle next week. This recipe defiantly is on my plan !! Thanks for sharing and please keep posting more healthy videos.

  8. Chocolate…paleo? I don't think so! Feel free to cook whatever you want…but for bring out loud…how much chocolate did they have during the Paleolithic era? Get a grip!


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