Paleo Recipe Book reviews Over 370 easy Paleo recipes for weight loss!


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Paleo Recipe Book reviews Over 370 easy Paleo recipes for weight loss!

The Paleo Recipe Book is a brand new Cookbook filled with more than 370 Paleo recipes. The recipes and instructions are dead simple, and cooking tasty meals will be a breeze with it. No cooking skills needed. In this cookbook, you won’t find any of these toxic foods: grains like wheat, corn, and oats, vegetable oils, sodas, sugar, fruit juices, legumes like soy, peanuts, lentils, dairy products, and processed foods and preservatives.

Here are the foods you’ll find instead: meat like beef, pork, chicken and bison; eggs, your omelet and frittatas; fish, salmons, sardines, trout; fruit and vegetables like berries, spinach and beets; shell fish and seafood, this is your mussels, scallops and shrimp; good fats like, coconut oil, tallow, clarified butter and olive oil and nuts like almonds, macadamia and walnuts.

Everything is easily organized into 18 categories: pork, fish, snack, salads, poultry, red meat, stir-fries, organ meats, eggs and omelettes, stews and curries, vegetables and sides, shellfish and seafood, vinaigrettes, marinades and sauces, lacto-fermented vegetables, breakfast and desserts, dip and condiments, soups and stocks, and smoothies.

Here are just a few examples of the recipes included in the cookbook: rib roast with horseradish and herbs, beef rolls, almond butter sauté sauce, chicken marsala, cinnamon and apple omelet, lamb tagine with dates and almonds, crock pot beef and sweet potato stew, halibut with green herb sauce, pumpkin pie, bacon and spinach frittata, bacon wrapped scallops and duck a l’orange.

It covers absolutely everything so you’ll never need any other resources. For your convenience, the following are also included in the cookbook: the Paleo food list, where to find food online, your guide to good fats, easy cooking time charts, meat doneness charts and your guide to cooking the perfect steak.

Sebastien Noel, the author, has helped thousands of people with his popular Paleo Leap website, and wants to share his knowledge with as many people possible. He’s found that it’s only by eating the natural food that your body was designed to eat that you can experience true optimal and vibrant health. Only a Paleo diet satisfies that requirement. Here is what we mean by optimal and vibrant health: effortless weight loss, mental clarity and natural positive attitude, constant and radiant energy, deep and restful sleep, clear and smooth skin and an increasing strength, endurance and performance.

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