15 Foods High in Vitamin D


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Here are 15 foods high in vitamin D.

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  1. So, if you pair  eggs and  cruciferous veggies you will never be deficient in Magnesium- the muscle mineral that gives us protection from arthritis pains like leg cramps,  fibromyalgia , muscle  pains of most kinds, weak hearts (a muscle organ  which can give us heart attacks),  and have other benefits because magnesium is involved in a lot of metabolic or physiological functions.  NOW, —THE SECRET IS OUT: EAT ANY OF THESE HIGH VITAMIN D FOODS WITH VEGGIES  AND YOU COULD BE AS HEALTHY AS A "HORSE" other things being equal like a healthy life style low in poisons like sugar and white flour foods.  WOW AND DOUBLE WOW!!…. ( YOU CAN ABSORB LOTS OF VITAMIN D FROM REFLECTED  SUNLIGHT- SITTING IN A SHADE WITHOUT ANY KIND OF GLASSES WHICH BLOCK THE SUN'S ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT IN SUN RAYS).—- SO TELL ABOUT THIS TO EVERYONE YOU CAN!!…..BYE


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