The Benefits I've experienced after nearly 5 years being a vegan.


When I found out what goes on in the egg and dairy industries I went from being a vegetarian to a VEGAN. At the time I was unaware of the healing effects of a plant based diet. I was even slightly concerned about the things that everybody thinks, like where will I get my protein, calcium, etc?? After about a month of being Vegan I noticed a huge rise in my energy levels, After a few months my complexion really improved. I’ve always had oily skin that used to break out a lot and it improved even more once I started eating a high carbohydrate and low fat vegan diet.
More recently I’ve been getting into cycling, running and dancing. Eating this way gives me lots of motivation to MOVE MY BODY and live life to the full.
Mentally I feel more at peace and I feel a lot more comfortable with the food I’m eating, knowing that it didn’t come at the cost of someone else’s life and didn’t contribute to prolonged suffering and abuse.
Animals are my friends and I can look them in the eye without any weird feelings.
I’m proud to have gone Vegan. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.
Although there are some amazing health benefits like living a longer and healthier life, significantly preventing the chances of the world’s top killers like heart disease, cancers and diabetes. Don’t let this be the only reason you go V. There are some other important reasons to do it.
1) Animals are the most oppressed, abused, discriminated against and exploited beings on this planet. They endure confinement, abuse, denied their freedom to even turn around. Pigs are kept in gestation crates, they are forced to live in their own excriment in overcrowded factory farms. 99.99% of the meat, dairy, eggs and fish come from factory farms. Organic or free range have little significance. Animals are still treated like commodities.

Go Vegan for the animals!!

2) The meat, fish, egg and dairy industries are rapidly guzzling up the planets resources, like land, fossil fuel, food and water. It is degrading land and significantly contributing to global warming (more than all the transport – according to a report by the United Nations). 70% of the Amazon Rainforest has already been bulldozed to grow soy beans for animal feed and to make space for grass grazing cattle. Wildlife and biodiversity is at risk.

DO it to save the Planet and to create a better world for future generations!!

3) 1 Billion people are dying from malnutrition. The western worlds Meat, Dairy, Egg, and Fish industries are not able to sustain the population. It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of animal flesh. Which could be enough to feed 10 people for a whole day. 80% of the worlds edible grain and 50% of the world’s corn is fed to livestock. This food would be enough to feed more than the current population. The price of grain becomes competitive and these grains are too expensive for poor people to afford.

Do it for the hungry!

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