Why on earth am I eating a high fat vegan diet now? Low carb vs raw till 4.


I talk about my decision to switch from eating a high carb vegan diet, to eating a low carb still vegan diet. Keeping it plant based, but trying to see if I can get into ketosis as a vegan, and see how I feel burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. Paleo eat your heart out, vegan foods taste better. Primal diets are lame. Anyone on atkins can do the same thing as a vegan, and be healthier. The planet will be much healthier as well, not to mention the animals will appreciate not being eaten. I myself hate getting eaten lol.


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Very personal life story:

I broke down and cried https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6KBduMemik


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  1. u still low fat? I'm watching some of your earlier videos and this has really thrown me! I'm high carb low fat and…well, 2 years on its kind of lost its mojo and I'm always tired and or hungry. will see what other videos you have on the topic. some good comments here, I like your followers. mostly pretty chilled and reasonable.

  2. Just finding you today, after a search of "High Fat Vegan Diet". I have tried HCLF and have shared many of the same things you described here. Frustrated and feeling stuck. I am so excited to have found this video and your message today! Thank You!!!!!

  3. This happened to me also on high carb raw and I can't handle night shades too…you r the first person I've come across with the same issue. High fat is awesome! I might try this with raw. Thanks!!!

  4. Fruit originally wasn't as sweet as it is now. Humans have altered it over thousands of years to make it as huge and sweet as possible. Fruit used to have a bitter taste and be much smaller. We have harmed it as a food source. Fruit used to be more ketogenic and didn't affect insulin as badly. Same for grains. Your ancestors ate a lot of meat. We are not adapted to eating most modern foods.

  5. This video is like a breath of fresh air VP. I am sure if more people tried a high fat vegan diet more people would be able to be raw vegans and stick with the diet. It would also be a good way for meat and junk food eaters to transition to the raw vegan diet and be able to stick with it imo. Too many people fail on low fat/high carb raw vegan diets because high carb/low fat was always considered the law, but with people being open to different types of macronutrient diet ratios will come more success because each person has different requirements. Eg,some do well on higher protein, others do well on high carb, and other do well on high fat.

    Personally l do a high fat high protein moderate carb vegan raw diet. I have one large fermented sprouted seed meal in the morning and that lasts me until night time without being hungry. Fermenting nuts and seeds is the key to being able to sustain a high fat diet IMO because the foods are less rich and sickly so it is easy to eat this way year in and year out and sustain good energy etc.

  6. This might be an older video of yours, but I've been playing around with the idea of a Keto diet. you can see me on my channel mainly eating Fruit, BUT I'm most efficient during Fasting / ketosis.
    I will give it a shot !

  7. Will it work on half carbs and half fats? All those diets are making me go crazy. I can"t stuff myself low calorie carbs anymore. I am tired of figs and raisins also. But I defenetly do not want to make my whole diet on fats. I will make me puke.

  8. Liver is a nutrient rich food too. Yet you don't mention it. After your ancestors ate green leafy stuff for days in a row on a hunt, liver was the first thing they ate. Notice that the whole time they were eating leaves they were searching for meat?

  9. I don't understand what they eat…. why can't you just be Vegan? Like me? What does it all mean? Lol 😂 I don't understand. If your Raw Vegan, does that just mean that you don't cook?


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