Pegan Diet-Is It Better Than The Paleo Diet Or Vegan Diet? Rules To Follow For The Pegan Diet Plan


Have you heard about the new Pegan Diet? It combines parts of both the Paleo diet as well as the Vegan diet. For many people, the Pegan Diet will be easier to follow than the other 2 diets which should make it easier to be healthier and easier to lose weight.
A Pegan diet plan doesn’t have to be difficult to follow and recipes can be easy to follow as you are eliminated a lot of processed foods that can be harmful to you.

This type of diet may be a big help for men and women who are looking for weight loss and improve their overall health.
So is the Pegan Diet right for you? Leave me a comment below and let me know if you will try it!


  1. this is not the pegan diet. having animal products at breakfast, lunch, and dinner does not come even close to being vegan….? a true pegan diet would include no animal products, but also no legumes or grains and low in sugar/fruit, just like the paleo diet.

  2. My personal computer research has shown that nothing is better than this paleo program. Key “loso shocking plan” on Google and open up the links. In the event you carry out your quest, you will start fat loss like me. Already, I`ve dropped Fifteen pounds. The book has a wide selection of types of dishes. These recipes have already been tried out by me and I say they are tasty.


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