Vegan what I eat in a day – lean vegan athlete food diary round 2


A lot of people have been asking me to film another vegan what I eat in a day video. So here you go another food diary of a lean vegan athlete.

Veganism in my humble opinion is the healthiest, most sustainable and cruelty free diet out there. The nutrition gained from a vegan diet is vast and varied. From vegan bodybuilding to vegan runners, vegan triathletes and vegan athletes in general this diet can fuel us in the best possible way.

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  1. That's awesome mate, it all looked yummy.
    Me and my wife started juicing and doing vegan style smoothies and we both have noticed a huge jump in energy…Keep doing what you're doing Brother.. "No sheep in the shed!!"

  2. Great day of eating vid Steve. I really like how quick your meals are to make and how you're not precious about having the same ingredients every time – just use what you've got left in the fridge and wang it in the pan! How about a vid about the non-edible side of veganism, i.e. leather products etc.? Is it a concern and have you looked at that side of things in your life or do you focus more on your plant-based nutrition? Had to get the shed action in at the end lol.

  3. You should do this every wednesday!! Super helpful! I'm a cheerleader and struggling to be a vegan athlete as I have a very fast metabolism and sadly being vegan is making me lose too much cause I have to idea how much to eat!

  4. Hi Steve, your videos are fantastic. I have to say that you've helped remind me how to get and stay lean. I lost over 50 lbs when I was in my late teens from eating a low-fat, vegan diet and maintained a low bodyfat percentage throughout my 20s. Then, I stopped watching fat intake as if I just forgot how to do it! Life is crazy, right? With at least 20 lbs to lose, I have tried every trend possible while being vegan … from the Mediterranean diet (because I love Mediterranean food, but the diet calls for too much oil) to low-carb vegan (almost impossible to maintain without artificial powders and such that I do not like) to good old calorie counting. Now, thanks to your amazing videos, I am back on track, and it makes perfect sense to me, because it's inline with Dr. McDougall and other vegan nutrition giants. So, again, thank you and keep the great videos coming!

  5. Hi Steve, Your videos have inspired me to look after myself and get healthy again. I've smoked roll ups/weed for 20 years and have managed to kick the weed and cut down on roll ups. I've a slim build and hardly any fat but would like to build my core/get a 6pack, can i do this by taking on a vegan diet? All the info i've read re 6 packs advise eating a lot of meat…any advice greatly appreciated.

  6. for the risotto, do you cook the rice seperately, then combine it after cooking the ingredients? or do you put it all in the same thing, and boil the rice and the other ingredients together? i have no idea how risotto works lol

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