My Top 3 Tips For Weight Loss On A Plant Based Diet


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★ My Best Plant-Based Recipes for Weight Loss

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  1. You know personally I've tried a lot of different methods throughout adolescence and early adulthood but this one in particular definitely did wonders for me once I tried it it was a complete transformation not just physically but mentally as well hope this helps and trust me your health is the one thing that should not be taken for granted!

  2. I lost 28 kg in 2,5 month by staying of grains, gras, glutenfree,
    dairy-free, sugar-free diet. AND I ate a lot of fresh vegetables,
    legumes and only sugar-reduced fruits. I also ate cooked or baked
    potatoes, black and red rice, all of course orcanic! Only olive oil.
    People gain weight and get sick
    because of grains and gras = gluten-free products! Grains, glutenfree,
    dairy, dairy-free, lactose-free, sugar and also sugar-free products and
    industrialized processed foods! Get rid of toxins and avoid new intake
    of toxins (eg. led, aluminium, quicksilver, flourid, titaniumdioxide,
    siliciumdioxide, phtalates, pcb, etc. Need help? Write!

  3. I am gonna start this very soon I tried the vegetarian years ago lost 20 pounds in 30 days. Now I wanna try vegan to feel healthier. I had a lapband done 4 years ago lost 83 pounds but gain 10 of it back took 1 cc out anyways my question is. I need more protein to keep me full not much of a bread or pasta eater either what do you recommend.

  4. My mate we’re talking among each other about their diet program and how much weight they had dropped. By now, I`ve dropped 13 and a half lbs. Google “sowo hope site”. I feel much better after trying this kind of life-altering diet.

  5. Hi Hannah, i recently found your channel, i was immediately hooked, it has been a few months, i have lost thirty eight pounds, , plant based, totally vegan ,more exercise, yoga, meditation, lots of rice, veggies. I tell everyone about you. I feel like we are friends. LOL just feeling better and going with the flow and living intuitively is so cool. Peace, Namaste Thank – You Hannah, and Derrick

  6. i dont put 5 banana in my smoothies i mostly use 1 or 2 in my smoothie smoothies are mostly are water anyway which when i drink them they pass right out me so most of the calories come out of you or they are burned off i dont think that smoothies are to blame like lets say i put 2 peaches and 1 cup of mixed berries and i add in a banana that really is not a lot of calories

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