What We Eat In A Day #2 (Paleo)


What we ate today on a clean / paleo based diet.

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  1. Have either of you ever used cronometer or another nutrition tracker? Might be something to check out– I put in approximate amounts of everything you ate and your vitamins and minerals were pretty low, especially calcium. Your vitamin a was extremely high though which can cause osteoperosis. Cholesterol was pretty high up there as well but I understand the paleo diet encourages cholesterol consumption.

  2. Hi, I just found your channel. I have been wanting to eat Paleo, keep putting it off. Are you from Australia? I was visiting Australia in March, my son moved there about 2 years ago. Enjoy your videos and look forward to more. Like, "what I eat in a day"

  3. Thanks so much for the video! Im a highschool swimmer/runner/track athlete and I already eat as clean as possible, but Im also considering going lowkey paleo/primal, so if there is any tips or help that you are willing to share with me that'd be awesome!

  4. bellissimi i vostri video! ho seguito il regime alimentare paleo per un periodo e ora vorrei riprendere, i vostri video sono di ispirazione! un bacione dall'Italia 🙂

  5. Could you possibly do a video on things someone can take on the go to work for breakfast and lunch? 🙂 I have to leave early morning so no time to cook and the place I work at only has a microwave (which I am reluctant to use) 🙂 x

  6. apple cider vinegar, and other vinegars are not considered 'Paleo' but you may introduce it in your diet, should you wish – but all discussions/forums recommend to only add it after at least one month of starting Paleo

  7. The older sister (forget her name) is beautiful with the natural dark blonde hair instead of bleached, and the shorter cut looks so fantastic, so much better than the current style.  Both sisters are beautiful, stay natural!

  8. Wow avacado and kraut, never would of thought of that, wish our avacados looked that good.We call that grass baths, the dogs love it and so do we, they say you get nutrients walking bare foot in such stuff, just have to watch out for other stuff too-lol.What size is your after workout drink smoothie. I love watching you 2 sisters, it makes me so grateful for family, a simple prayer I say everyday. I noticed a greater portion of meat at night, is that usual or for a special reason? Just reassessing what we do. Thanks, and blessings!

  9. You guys are so cute, lying in the grass. I have been off the wagon and really need to get back into paleo so I am watching all of your 'what I ate' videos from start, for inspiration. I'm making a playlist for myself of your videos as I go along, I hope you guys don't mind. I've been following your videos for a couple years now and it's really cool to see how you all have evolved. I really admire your clean healthy, organic way of life.


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