Smoking vs Vaping


Is vaping actually better for your health?
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Written by: Annik Carson, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit


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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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  1. i just learned that my friend smokes (weed not cigarettes) and we are 15. i had an absolute fit. i was so livid. i yelled at him in the hallway for about 10 minuets. i told him if i ever found out that he was smoking again that i would tell his mother, and let me say that woman is terrifying. she was in the military for 15 years, then she became a neurosurgeon and to add she’s mexican so you know she will beat him with the chancla if she ever finds out. don’t. do. drugs. ever.

  2. been off cigarettes 2 years i did go cold turkey at first i was desperate seen a vape shop i popped in my life changed after that they let me try all kinds of flavours i was sold and bought a vape if it wasn't curiosity that got me in there i would be still smoking now i was on my way to buy cigarette i passed the vape shop first

  3. I found fault with this video in the first 19 seconds. JFC….. The heat from fire cause solids to turn into SMOKE. For fucks sake if you're going to make a shit video, at least have a grasp on science. When substance are converted to gases, we have a different name to describe this change in their state if matter. When solids convert directly to gas, we call that smoke. When liquids convert directly to gas, we call that vapor. You sir are an idiot within the first 20 seconds.

  4. Legit all of my friends my age use vapes or juuls or whatever. (most have nicotine) Just goes to show how bull crap our law enforcement is in America. Also keep in mind all of them do at least two of the following, pot, dip, and alcohol

  5. The whole diacetyl and popcorn lung thing blows my mind. The factory workers inhaled so much more diacetyl than you can imagine. Sure cigarettes contain it and some vape juices do, but keep in mind that there has been zero instances of cigarette smokers being diagnosed with popcorn lung. And cigarettes contain WAY more diacetyl than a bottle of vape juice.

  6. 1 there have been no reported popcorn lung cases with vapers because the amount inhaled in a vape is significantly lower than those who worked in the popcorn factories also there is approximately 1.5% harmful chemicals in ambient air and a whopping 1.7% in vapor it really isnt as bad as people try to make it out to be

  7. This has a few flaws for "information" smoking a cigarette does not create vapor its smoke. 2nd of all diacetyl exposure in cigarettes is a lot more then vaping. probably should do a proper update, and a little more research please.

  8. Vaping is intended for people addicted to cigarettes to transfer to a slightly less bad source and lower the amount of nicotine as time goes on until they quit permanently. It is sad to see that it became a hobby of it's own and now looks and feels less dangerous so teens and kids try it without knowing it's as addictive as cigarettes, and almost as bad. Well at least it's not as bad as smoking. Also in my personal opinion the flavors should be removed, they just further the innocent appearance of the product and if your trying to quit smoking anyways you shouldn't be used to flavors and it shouldn't matter, they have flavors like churro and unicorn poop. Vaping is good in the sense that it helps addicted adults quit nicotine forever, but it looks more innocent than cigarettes and should be regulated heavily. If your wondering what my point is or why I wrote this it is because I decided to write one single comment instead of replying to all the comments saying things I disagreed with or had something to add to.


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