Here are my top 5 benefits of going vegan! I share my experience on why I changed my eating habits and all the amazing things I gained along the way. 🙂

I went vegan after discovering Freelee the banana girl’s youtube channel back in March 2014 and after watching the documentaries Forks over Knives and Earthlings, as well as Gary Yourofsky’s speech I was convinced to never want to eat any animal products again. Hope this video inspires you to try it out!


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  1. Thank you for this inspiring video! I was on the fence about becoming a Vegan, but this video has convinced me. I want more energy to want to work out because I love walking, but would love to finally start running. Been a vegatarian for about 3 months, but taking out all abimal by products is the final step. Taking now, right now. Thank you!

  2. KRISTEN! HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH YOUR OTHER HALF NOT BEING VEGAN? The worst thing for me is that not only is my boyfriend convinced he is a carnivore, but he's also conscientiously ignorant about the meat and dairy industries (which is VERY frustrating for me as a vegan). I've debated ending on our relationship (of 3 years) over it

  3. I've been looking for a natural way to beat my lifelong depression and I have been on Prozac and now I am on 5-htp and it's just not enough. I had a feeling that going vegan would probably help and the last reason you gave helped me really make up my mind. I have everything that someone would want if you're on the outside looking in but I am just always sad and moody and I can't help it. So thanks for your video and I will begin this journey to a better mind.

  4. I’m an aspiring vegan 🌱 it looks like such a great lifestyle I’m just having a bit of trouble transitioning fully because of all the food temptations around me lol. But by 2019 I’m gonna be fully vegan no matter what 😄

  5. Thank you for your honesty. I had similar struggles with eating habits. When you showed that paper with your meal plan from dieting days totally resonated with me. I did the same thing. I'm so happy to be vegan and making food about more than me but helping the animals and environment. ♥️

  6. I went vegan one month ago, before I always struggled for getting up in the morning, I noticed that I have so much more energy now. I wake up early everyday and crave to go out for workout!

  7. Hi Kristen, I ate Vegan for the last week and now I am thinking of becoming vegan for real 🙂 You are one of the Youtubers who actually inspired me to change my diet. So thank you for that 🙂

  8. +Kirsten Leo: One benefit you may find down the road: I went through menopause and had NO HOT FLASHES. I went vegan when I was 37, and had been vegan about 15 years when I went through menopause.

  9. I also have a history of severe anxiety/ panic disorder/ depression/ ocd. Well. For the most part it is how my brain is wired, so Im on antideppressants to keep it in control.
    But I agree. The more animal products you avoid and the more you fuel of plants, the lighter and more optimistic you feel. Both in mind and body. I think it also means you no longer get the adrenaline and fear from the animals. Its a gift to live of earth. I feel closer to nature since I went vegan. Its amazing

  10. I’ve been Vegan for a half a year? Because I was like in the middle of 19, and I just turned 20. 😍 I LOVE it. I’m apparently, a LOT more skinnier? 🤷‍♀️

  11. Love your video! I am Vegan for about a month now and i have also so much more energy! And i am superhappy all the Tine and i feel like i enjoy Every moment of my life (like when im on my bike, and before i hated it). Thank you for your kind Words!


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