Amazing Weight Loss testimonial _Dean Landau before and after


Raw vegan diet before and after. Congratulations to Dean Landau for his amazing weight loss, going from 400 lbs to 195, with a raw vegan diet and some deprogramming hypnosis.

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  1. My husband, went through various problems in this desire to lose weight, feeling tired, without self-esteem and want more health. He came to weigh 100 kg and needed to lose weight urgently because of poor health.

    His feeding was totally unruly and was his worst enemy in recent times, tried to do crazy diets and that only made him fatter even more.

    He felt tired only imagining having to do physical activity, but still continued with the addictions and the excess of unhealthy food … Finally discovered a product of recipes even with the price plus did not put faith again since it could change, and it was when he deciciu shares with me and some friends that tav going through the same situation.

    Β And it was when we all focused that he would follow the recipe that the recipes spoke, that in less than 2 months he lost 10 kg without leaving home only with food reeducation, one of us lost even more but he was not overweight. One of us also stopped using medication. Gratitude defines us all in total we were 4 !! The product was this


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