Raw Vegan Weight Loss Before After Transformation


Day 382 Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/Whatever

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(Better sleep, healthy joints, mental clarity, cravings went away, feeling lots of energy, happy, improved vision and digestion, better circulation and balanced hormones)

I purposefully left WEIGHT LOSS out of my ONE YEAR RAW VEGAN video here: https://youtu.be/ZZ5DMuyUg-Q because I really wanted to focus on ALL the health benefits… but I also did want to showcase what it did for my body in this video.

I know it’s not about the weight loss, but it’s my outward expression of a healthful interior so I want to share a video I shot from right before I decided to be a raw vegan. Bloated, tired, feeling like crap and sluggish, bad sleeps (waking up with panic attacks nightly), addicted to energy drinks and Doritos, craving everything, eating anything, not caring anymore about my health, full of acne, no energy, I even BREATHE funny in the little video if you listen closely I sound completely blocked and stuffed up which I never noticed until I re-watched it. I had sugar imbalances, crashes and had tons of yeast, bladder infections, imbalanced hormones, sore joints, brain fog, and a really bitter attitude. My face and hair were super oily and I had cellulite, dry skin in places and didn’t even care to get out of bed most days. My metabolism was all messed up from calorie restricting and binging on chips and ranch dip with fried chicken. I was cold ALL the time especially in my hands and feet.

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Fruit on!! xo Lissa


  1. Even 4 months in is amazing!!! You look sensational! Weight holds onto way too much sickness and sadness. I’m gearing up to get my life right too!!! ♥️ Congratulations 🎉

  2. When I did a 21 day raw food challenge. And I lost 20 lbs. I felt so good; however I looked 10 years older. All my Wrinkles were in my face. So I changed my diet again, last July. I feel much better. But I do eat more fat I think my body needs it. Is that true? I am 52 and an in menopause. No symptoms. I caught a cold I can't shake🙄

  3. Thanks for posting this, I've been vegan for 7 years but I still have so much cellulite, can you tell me how you got rid of the cellulite? Do you ever use dry brushing? if so, does it work?

  4. How long was it before you started to see a change in your weight? I am concerned I am doing something incorrectly. I am eating raw, juicing a little in the morning and dont eat much until the afternoon and evening when I actually have an appetite. Cutting back on the nuts and avocado's but that doeasn't seem to be making a change. Any tips you can offer would be great! Thank you for sharing your story, it is so inspiring!!

  5. I keep giving up. Every single time I try to start a diet I see no changes and think it’s not working when in reality it does take patience. I literally will not eat in front of people because I’m so embarrassed. I weigh 215 and I’m not sure how much weight I should lose but I have to start it but I have no motivation.. I go to sleep at 4am and wake up around 3-4 pm, so I believe it’s causing my sleep to act up. I recently even had a sleep study done. And in 2015 I was in a bad car accident breaking my back in 2 places, my neck, wrist, ribs, and jaw. The dr said I should be paralyzed, dead or brain dead but I’m not and I feel so selfish for still hurting my body the I am.. I’m in pain every single day and I know if I lost weight I’d feel like I could fly. It’s been a dream of mine to be “skinny” since I was a child. I tell everyone the day I can go to the beach and not have to wear a t shirt I know I’m going to drop to my knees and just cry. It’s mentally & physically damaging. I NEED MOTIVATION..

  6. I want you to know, you look better than the rich women who go under the knife to look younger. I have my own issues, but I hear you about living a rawfood lifestyle. true eating animal products isn't nice. eating flesh isn't so great as we grow old as we get older. medication is only temporarily and finally it kills us. I will be looking at your videos when I can. I do eat 85%of my food raw. I still snack on chips and sweets. I am beginning to see that it's not doing me any good. I want to lose my cellute. I guess it's going to take a while and trust.

  7. I’m starting my raw vegan journey tomorrow and I’m so excited! I’ve always been short, chubby and curvy. I’m so excited to be healthy and not worry about anything health wise. You inspired and motivated me more❤️❤️ thank you

  8. :25 is a yummy body. :31 is not. Sorry to all the fat acceptance people who want to redefine yumminess. The after body looks more natural and healthy and I'm glad that she is feeling more vibrant and awesome. Great inspiration

  9. you are SO SKINNY holy crap haha I just started doing all fruit yesterday. hoping to drop a few lbs in the next month. I will add in other veggies but for now its just fruit until I find some veggie recipes with spices that will make them yummy etc.


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