9 Years After Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery – Success Failure Complications after WLS


If you’re considering weight loss surgery I suggest you talk to people who have lived 5 years after having wls, be it the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lap band, or duodenal switch. Testimony from people who are “newbies” to the post-op life cannot possibly prepare you for the long term consequences, benefits, complications, results, or any other after-effects of these surgeries.

I’ve lived with a gastric bypass for 9 years after having a lap band for 17 years. I’m a veteran. I’ve lost and regained and lost more weight in a lifetime than any one person should.

Most people only want to talk about their successes and how weight loss surgery helped them improve their lives. It’s important to hear as many testimonies as possible before surgically altering your digestive tract in a way that may not be reversible, ever.

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Lisa shares her painful, personal struggle as a 400 pound woman as she battles addiction and the agony of morbid obesity. She shows us with humor and raw, tragic honesty how she lost more than just the weight and recovered from gastric bypass after a lifetime of being bullied.

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  1. I had a sleeve almost two years ago. Never made goal and am gradually gaining. I wish I could follow the Ray Peat type lifestyle without the initial gain to fix the metabolism. Not sure where to go from here…

  2. Lisa, you're brave and have been on a long road to finding your health bliss. I wish you the best of luck and please keep sharing your experience! it helps others that think wls is a magic pill. 🙂

  3. I Love you SO much! Thank you for sharing! I realized what you realized but realized it a week before my surgery! I'm eating as I would, had I gone ahead and had hte surgery! When I mess up – I'm head on in dealing with it. Totally mindful now as I proceed…And I feel like I gave myself a huge gift by not having the surgery…. That gratitude is the wind beneath my wings….

    Following you!

  4. I told my mom this and she decided NOT to have the surgery. YOu need to be ready to make sacrifice and work hard! I chose gastric sleeve and I have worked HARD to keep this weight off. I have to work out. There are a lot of foods that I cannot eat. not because of the surgery but because I am scared to death to gain weight. I am not sure that is healthy but I CARE for my body and it made it easier if you just need help but have the personal strength to do what is necessary. I have to work on my mental status, my career and keep improving in my life so that I do not turn to food for comfort for failures. I learned about my Ayurveda body type and i follow that diet and I have been successful. Deepak Chopra is a great motivator for my life. Success comes first from self love. Salt is not good for those of us that is Kapha body type, not even the bath type.

    Sounds to me girl that you need Triphala, it gave me energy! I think your body type may be the same as mine! Learn about your body type and follow that diet, that is what has kept my weight off and helped me find freedom from food addictions. Good luck to all of us on this journey in our lives.

  5. wow!! it's not a magic pill! it's a tool you still need to be diligent in your choices of what you eat . I'm sorry but while watching your video, I feel you have other issues going on and not the reason behind your decision of having weight loss.

  6. its no " magic pill " people that's for sure. as she is trying to tell everyone. the drs do not tell us what to expect many years down the road because they DON'T KNOW! and they are not following up with care or research on patients who are many years out. most especially the ones who maintain their weight loss. and yes we run into trouble as well. and there is NO HELP out there for us.

  7. I recently researched “fetching tuti space” and found the results interesting so I tried it. When I tried using this diet regime, it was not long before I started shedding pounds! I have shed twenty lbs in 3 months and plan to drop another 10 pounds, which I believe I can accomplish. I attained success despite having a week of eating significant amounts of fatty foods numerous times a day.


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