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Hi Guys! Today Kyle and I go shopping for some new clothes to wear over the holidays after our big 120 plus pound weight loss. Hope you enjoy the fashion show at the end we are very proud of ourselves and each other. We made this video to inspire anyone out there trying to lose weight. You can do it! Thanks for watching and subscribing!


  1. You guys are SUCH an inspiration!! I want to do a video like this when I get my weight down to slimmer levels. Thanks for being so honest and open about what's happening!! 😀

  2. This is great to watch. I personally only want to lose about 55 pounds but for me this is a looot, so I will be going down a couple of sizes. I am super excited to go shopping at the end of it but also nervous so I can most definitely understand it isn't easy.

  3. I love this video so much. You two look amazing, congrats on the weight loss. Your video explains how I feel right now, I recently lost over 60lbs and am terrified to buy a whole new wardrobe.

  4. I just have to say again…BEAUTIFUL couple, so happy for you both. I am just starting my journey. I am down NINE pounds and have 159 to go….a long way, but videos like this are part of my journey and I appreciate the love and support you two have given one another! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inspirational.

  5. You guys are so cute! I love watching you two.
    I remember the first time I put on a size 6, my thoughts were, well I'm sure I'm too fat but I've lost weight, I'll just try them on to see how far away I am. I almost fainted when they fit! Then laughed at my logic, of course they had fit! But you never get over that self doubt

  6. I've always been big, all of my life. And last year I hit my heaviest and started developing many health problem HB pressure, sleep apneas, I retain water. I was 445-450lbs and I was disgusted with myself and decides to make a change I've lost 80 lbs and I'm still working on it and I struggle everyday. You guys are such a great inspiration to me! And you guys help me out so much on days when I want to give up and remind me of what's possible if I keep going.. I'm 360 now and still have so much more to go but I feel so much better. Thank you for the inspiration.. I can relate to everything you're saying..

  7. Hi a newbie here and nice to see a realistic weight loss video that show the person/couple still on there lifestyle journey a little on me starting my weightless journey and not wanting too fads/points this a realistic way to lose the weight and have it as a life style change for me always been the slim 105 type till me 30 and the past years gain the weight slowly and at the moment my highest I decided to watch a few of your older videos and was in the wow!!! moment on your hubby old t-shirt he use to wear Hugh congrats on the transformation for you both and was wondering how tall are you I never asked this before and thought wow!!she so tiny haha

  8. You both look amazing Kyle needs to be recognized I can see the progress!
    Although I think you both look good now .You really dont need to lose anymore weight
    Wow a Nicole great job on the sizes I hope to eventually be at my goal soon
    Great work ! I love you both great couple


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