Did Vegan Bill Clinton REALLY go PALEO, or was it a HOAX?


The story was circulated that Bill Clinton went Paleo (giving up veganism). I will show this is NOT TRUE.

I was skeptical, so I “did a little googling”….

Clintons Drs. Esselstyn and Dean Ornish

Here one video of a pro=vegan, responding to the paleo news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8HWEcyu0uw


Paleo is part of a scam to stop people from reducing meat consumption. They have to lie. and they ARE

Dr. Hyman is trying to capitalize off the fact he knows the clintons.

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I’ve been interested in Health & human progress since the 80’s. My goal in life is to offer useful information to help people achieve their potential.

I first learned of high-fruit eating in 1994 by reading “Fit-for-Life”. And I’ve been eating fruit for breakfast ever since. In 2008, I got into the Raw-food scene (went 85% raw) and, for me, 80/10/10 seems like the best diet for humans. Now 2015, I realized 811 is hard to do outside the tropics.

Weight-loss isn’t about certain foods…..or Calories. Most dieters never stay thin; they yo-yo. So take advice from a 47 year-old permanently thin person who never goes hungry.


  1. Veganism should be presented/promoted for what Veganism really is: an ideology, an ideal of living and thinking, it's about morals and ethics, Animal Rights and Liberation. Personally I'm vegan only for Animals not for health but I plan to create a playlist about health and I will check on and maybe add some of your vids there. Also there are fat vegans who are AR activists and feel very insulted by the fat shaming propaganda, it's nobody's business how fat those vegan ARAs are as long as they are vegan and more, they are doing the hard working activism for Animals in the streets, People who are for diets and sports have no right to insult vegan ARAs and no right to change the REAL meaning of Veganism reducing it to trivial self centered things like diet and sport . Again, Vegan movement is about Animals not humans, it belongs to Animals not to humans and definitely not a diet, please understand that.

  2. interesting. I definitely noticed that there are a lot of Paleo people and web sites out there that are claiming they're all the celebrities doing paleo. But sometimes there just pulling it out of thin air and sometimes it's just something that the celebrities try but of course there's no update to the articles that are claiming that they love paleo

  3. The doctor says he knows a lot of fat vegans, but President Clinton was not one of them. He lost weight when he moved toward veganism. Why worry about weight when the president did not have a weight problem.

  4. Also, the doctor says it is difficult to get enough high quality protein without getting too many carbs – which is nonsense. It is complete nonsense. This fetish for protein is complete nonsense. You can get 100% of all your amino acids easily with a diet of plants. Any more than that and you are just masturbating with your extra protein. In fact, I eat nothing but fruit in the evening because I have gotten all my protein so easily earlier in the day. All this and I still eat less than 1800 calories a day. I don't eat stupid "protein shakes" like the president. I don't eat textured vegetable protein. I don't eat Tofu or Tempeh (not that there is anything wrong with it). I eat 1106 grams of vegetable stew with collards, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, and tomato juice, 1/2 cup of beans, 1/2 cup of peas, 1/2 a cup of sweet corn, 4 Tbls of ground Chia Seeds, a 1/4 cup of walnuts. a Tbls of ground flax, a Tbls of cashews, and 300 grams of daikon radish and I've got it covered for the day. That is 1,042 calories. The rest of the day I can just eat fruit. That doctor is talking ridiculous nonsense.

  5. Bill Clinton does eat fish so he's not vegan. In fact, he was never vegan and supposedly has been in contact with Mark Hyman about his diet. Now, whether he is paleo, or not, is the question, but he's certainly not vegan.

  6. Video would be so much better in a quiet place not near a busy road! Would be a much better video with a little more professionalism. Great message though – thanks for clearing it up.


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