Meal Prep Hack (30 MEALS / 30 SECONDS!)


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Sticking to a healthy meal plan is one of the hardest but most important elements to keeping a great physique year round. When you are short on time, getting your meal prep down to a science can be even more challenging not to mention expensive. In this video, I show you a quick tip you can use to get your dinners in bulk (will last you 30 days or more) while removing all the time consuming meal prep you would normally need.

The secret is to use your local whole foods or healthy grocery store’s catering menu to choose your meals. Most of the time, the price to obtain a serving for 15 or more is far less than what it would cost if you were to buy your meals one at a time from the hot foods section of the store. In fact, I was able to purchase over 30 days worth of grilled chicken breast and sweet potatoes for just around one hundred dollars. When you consider that dinner is the most expensive part of any healthy meal plan, you realize just what a savings this can be.

Once you get your foods from the catering menu, all you have to do is package them in tupperware and freeze them for when you need them. For instance, I will set aside 30 servings of sweet potatoes and grilled chicken. My fibrous vegetables that make up an essential part of every dinner I eat will be made fresh or bought fresh if I am especially short on time and added to the dinner.

I will top the chicken with different sauces like a fresh basil marinara, citrus lime, cajun spice, etc and I’m off and running. Of course, I don’t have to eat the same meal of chicken and sweet potatoes every single damn night! I can purchase a tray of another protein source in place of the two chicken trays and do the exact same thing. It can be as varied as you like, just realize that the savings come from purchasing the meals of choice in bulk.

Meal plan prep is a skill that often gets in the way of people seeing long term fat loss and muscle gaining results and those that don’t. Why is that? Because the results you see are largely impacted by the foods that you put in your body. You cannot expect to build a high quality house using less than average materials. The same happens with your body. If you want to build a body that is strong and capable of anything you need to feed it properly.

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  1. catering menu good idea! gonna do this over the summer when the funds are back. have to stick with the campus food chicken and rice burrito bowls for now

  2. It would take 20 minutes longer to cook all of this from fresh. Even if your prepping your emails at 11pm on a Friday night, it's 20 minutes – then tub it up.

  3. Great video, got right to the point. He's not overthinking it, no shrill "I know everything and you know nothing" rants, just doing it.

  4. I hear you say we need to be hypocaloric, yet nitrogen positive to build muscle while losing fat. But I also hear you say "screw measuring." These two statements seem diametrically opposed. If I'm not measuring, how am I: 1) making sure I have enough protein to remain in a positive nitrogen balance; and 2) make sure I'm not eating too many calories so that I can stay hypocaloric?

  5. Not easy in the UK to buy prepared food like that. But you can buy precooked chicken, sweet potatoes (mashed not the chips as they are battered thinly) and many other lean meats including buffalo, ostrich and lean beef breeds. All from the Iceland store, as I said, do check carefully as some of them are not as healthy as they can be.

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