How To Cure Scalp Psoriasis Naturally – 3 Years After Shaving My Head


Open me! *ALL INSTRUCTIONS & AMAZON LINKS DOWN BELOW!*. This is how to Cure sebo-psoriasis (psoriasis mixed with seborrheic dermatitis / dandruff – WARNING: if you ONLY have seborrheic dermatitis do everything EXCEPT the oil treatment! – Putting oil on an already oily diagnosis only will make it worse in my opinion).

Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Unscented:

8 oz. for $8.99:
32 oz for $15.99:

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother”:

16 oz for $9.51:
32 oz. for $13.20:

Nutiva Organic Raw Hemp Seed Oil:

8 oz for $6.82:
24 oz for $18.85:

Spout bottle for Apple Cider Vinegar:
Pack of 4 (4 oz) bottles for $6.99:

Shower caps:

30 for $4.29:
100 for $7.12:

OPTIONAL: color applicator bottle for applying oil to scalp: (To heat oil, place oil in the bottle, then place this bottle in a glass measuring cup, which is then placed in a pot w/ boiling water in it to heat oil)

Applicator bottle (pack of 3) : $6.29 :

Cetaphil soap bar for gentle skin:
Pack of 3 for $16.99:
pack of 6 for $20.35

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for Face (for all skin types):
1 20 oz bottle: $16.95
pack of 2 (20 oz) bottles for $14.97

Cetaphil Daily Advanced Lotion:
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Merry Hempster’s Hemp Lip Balm Vanilla:
1 for $4.83:
From company’s website: 1 for $2.99:
Everything can be found on Amazon or in local health food stores. The brand doesn’t matter but the products NEED to be organic, unrefined, raw, unfiltered. AND UNSCENTED! Scented dr B’s irritated my scalp!

The ACV NEEDS to have a 5% acidity level. There is no alternatives to Dr. Bronners unscented. Sorry.
How to cure your scalp psoriasis:


Q: HOW OFTEN? A: Do the oil treatments once every other night for the 1st couple weeks, after a month only do them once a week, and do them less and less as you feel you need them. Just don’t do them every single night because your scalp needs to breath and too many oil treatments can lead to an infection.

1.) Hemp seed oil over night treatments: Warm up the oil (unrefined, raw, organic) on the stove and make sure it doesn’t get too hot because that kills the nutrients.

how to warm the oil (the way my derm taught me):

2.) Get your hair wet/damp and apply the oil on the entire surface area of your scalp. If you have long hair you will need to part your hair section by section (cm by cm) and dip your fingers into the oil and onto your scalp and dab in the oil all down the parts of your hair. After your done, massage the scalp well and cover with a shower cap.

2.) In the morning, (NEW TIP 2018!) : saturate the Dr bronners to your “DRY” scalp&hair BEFORE the water touches your scalp! This cuts the time it takes to wash out in half! Also, Wash your hair UPSIDE-DOWN; this will make the oil come out a lot quicker. The moment you think your hair is clean is the moment you need 1 more lather/rinse!

3.) After you think you got all the oil out, apply Apple cider vinegar (ACV) (raw, organic, unfiltered, 5%) to your scalp and HAIR too. ACV will take out all of the tangles and make your hair very soft. It will treat the “seborrheic dermatitis” of the scalp and prevent itch from coming back.

**i do not dilute the ACV – I use it full strength (it must be 5% and diluting changes that percentage!)


1.) Wash your hair with dr bronners pure castile oil shampoo unscented. Tip: focus washing out one side at a time; start washing out the bubbles on the right, then the top portion, then the left side, then the middle.

2.) Take the squeeze bottle with the ACV in it, and apply to the scalp and hair; use it as a normal conditioner. Then rinse it out. it’s treating the scalp and the hair.

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  2. I'm sad to say that I don't think this treatment method is working for me. I have followed the instructions to a T. The only difference is that I've been using ACV from Costco, but the Costco brand has the required "with the mother" and has 5% acidity.

    I've been doing it every other day for 5 weeks now and while the white plaques on my scalp have reduced in size, the pink lesions that it sits on has not gone away. The last few times I did this treatment, after I shower (and use Dr. Bronner's and ACV), I can already see white plaques reappearing along my front hairline. It seems that this treatment is just reducing or eliminating the white plaques, which already begins to reform after my showers.

    LambLike…I could really use some advice from you. What should I do? Any modifications I can make or am I one of the unlucky ones for whom your wonderful treatment regimen does not work for? Thank you.

  3. It seems that even when dry my hair still smells like vinegar when you get up close. It's getting bothersome for me but the treatment IS working but I have a way to go. I was VERY scaly.

  4. Hi! I’ve been doing your treatment for two weeks and my scalp is no longer itching I feel great! My only concern is if I’m hearing the hemp oil right… so I heat my pan about 3 minutes then squirt the oil on the pan and immediately remove from the fire… its not warm, it gets hot but not boiling… will it be ok? Will the oil work the same if hot?

  5. Been dealing with severe sebhorreic dermatitis/scalp psoriasis for about 6 years since usmc boot camp. Even otc shampoos don't help. Seen dermatologist several times and gave me steroid cream, which partially lead to spots on the affected areas of my scalp to be signfically hyperpigmented (white). Very hopeful to try your method out to lessen my current state of scalp disorder. It is very depressing, embarrasing and frustrating especially since I have to get my haircut every week because I am in the military. Tried everything you can think of and yea people that don't know the constant struggle play it off like it's nothing. I think for me right now for me, since I have used the steroid creams so much, I don't get flakes out of the affected areas but spots that are affected are staying white. People don't say it but I can feel their eyes looking at me nd they're probably thinking, my heads all messed up. Really hope Apple cider vinegar helps with the hyperpigmentated spots on my scalp because it is definitely a different color than my Brown scalp. Trying this out and appreciate the video. Thank you. P.s. tryna become a famous singer after I get out of the military and will refer you to everyone if it works 😎

  6. This does not make me feel my hair is conditioned and it is hard to get to where it doesn't smell. I asked my dentist the day after and she said she could smell it and my hair is at that point completely dry. Any suggestion for that? I've seen people talk about diluting it. I might have even seen someone talk about putting essential oils. Any advice?

  7. In the future when the robots need to choose the most relaxing and disarming avatar with which to negotiate with the last of our species they are going to choose your likeness. That kinda beautiful and humility would restore a hard man's faith. Starting Taltz tomorrow but if that don't work I'll give this a bash. Have heard of cider vinegar before and also goat's milk. but yeah yer a little awesome. Keep on keepin' on!

  8. I have been trying this method for 3 months now. It worked in some spots on my scalp but there are new spots now that showed up a few weeks ago. I was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis by a dermatologist a few years ago. Now I am not sure if that’s all I have since there are new patches. My scalp does not itch but the scales show up 2 days after an oil treatment. I’ve been doing oil treatments once a week for the past month.

  9. Please, allow a collaborator to add subtitles. I'd love to share your video on my atopic dermatitis and psoriasis group, because it's so helpful, but most there don't speak english.

  10. Hello Em
    Thank you for sharing this awesome video. I have had scalp psoriasis since the last 2 or 3 years on and off and recently it got worse. I have to say this combination has really made a difference with my itching scalp. However, can i use regular conditioner after the treatment to help the smell of it? or do you have any other suggestions? I am immune to the smell and it really doesn't bother me but it apparently it smells really bad to my husband lol

  11. Heya peeps, does anyone have this problem with Dr bronners leaving a waxy residue on the hair? No matter how much I wash my hair it doesn't go away… Any tips?

  12. I will totally try this out. I tried a tip for washing oily hair that worked great.
    You basically mix a paste with shampoo and baking soda (1 tbsp with 1-2 tbsp shampoo will work)
    Leave it in for a couple minutes, wash out with luke to warm water and maybe rinse with shampoo again.
    Use ACV as conditioner and you're all set .)

  13. I've been suffering from psoriasis for two years (it's fairly recent) and trying out all kinds of chemical treatments that never worked. I grew so annoyed with all this that I decided to search the internet for a more natural way to find relief. I stumbled upon your this video a week ago and received all the ingredients to try it out yesterday. This is a blessing! My scalp used to scratch so much, leave so much dandruff on my clothes and feel like dead skin was pulling in all directions. Just one use and I feel a huge difference already! I must admit that I've been scratching a lot from the summer heat, thus losing plenty of hair, and that the oil treatment has gotten rid of the dead skin that was holding some of it tight to my scalp, but it'll grow back now that I won't scratch. I'm amazed at how much good such a simple "trick" was able to do after just one use, compared to two years of pharmaceutical products. My thanks go out to LambLike. You probably just saved my skin. I owe you one 😉

  14. I dont have psoriasis but I have struggled with dry/itchy scalp + dandruff my entire life and this worked so well for me??? I didn't even use hemp oil, just dr. bronners and ACV. All it took was !!!!! two washes !!!!! My scalp used to be so flaky and would start itching like CRAZY the day after I would wash with regular/sulfate free/dandruff shampoos. Now its 100% flake free and I don't have to wash my hair everyday like I used to, which has been amazing for hair growth !!!! thank you so much omggggg !!!!

  15. Thanks for sharing this to all of us who are suffering from this stressful illnes. Sadly for me it didn't work after trying it several times, if there was an improvement it was very small. Three months ago my psoriasis flared up and I had massive plaques all over my scalp and part of my body specially my legs and my left side of the body (ribs), it was so stressful, I decided to try coconut oil instead, it worked better for me, I could remove a lot of psoriasis in my scalp but there was still psoriasis in my body, and after a week or so my scalp psoriasis was appearing again, I was so desperated and stressed, so I started to make an online research about what could help me to treat my psoriasis, after a lot of search I found a great ebook that helped me a lot, after 10 years suffering from this, this is the first time my scalp is completely clean no psoriasis at all in my scalp, there are still small plaques in my back though, but overoll they reduced significally, especially in my legs and my ribs (they look like stains now like and old scar or something ). What I learned from this free ebook was 1. How important is to have good levels of Vitamin D – 2. Diet, drink water (try to always been hydrated), stop consuming gluten (look for Leaky Gut syndrome ), try to consume less milk, Im also practicing intermediate fasting since the beggining of my natural treatment , I don't know if it also helped me to reduce my psoriasis – 3. Workout often to reduce stress. And That's it, I haven't been so happy.

  16. I tried this with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I used a normal coconut shampoo. Miracle after just one application. Thank you so much for the tips. And today I go out in a black shirt for the first time in forever! 😀

  17. hi, this video is so helpful and i've had psoriasis that has never gone away for years. Can you please tell me if I need to dilute the ACV? or should I put it 100% by itself in the spout?

  18. HELLO I tried this method exactly how you explained it and I have been doing so for the past week.. The oil is great but I noticed after I wash it off with the castille soap the moment everything dries my scalp dries up with it too causing flakes. I notice overtime I do the ACV rinse my scalp dries out too and causes even more flakes… What can be causing this? Please if anyone has any idea or any suggestions please reply…

  19. THANK YOU! I've tried a few different methods and they have not worked. I am losing my have my the handful and I'm desperately trying to find a remedy. Your method automatically solved the flaking/itching. BUT is there any product I can use while using your method? I have been using a water based pomade by Imperial. I don't care if it's a natural oil or something made in a factory. Also, do you know anything that could stop my hair loss and hopefully regrow my hair?

  20. I'm glad to say that this method finally fixed my scalp psoriasis. Thank God Lamblike you are definitely a life saver. The hemp seed oil completely over time eradicated my bumps and now I can actually touch my scalp and hair without irritating it. I do not warm up the hemp seed oil because it is usually already warm but I do make sure that my scalp/hair is warm damp or warm wet. I keep the oil on my scalp from 11:00pm at night to maybe around 10:00am in the morning. I wash it out with the Dr Bronners soap that you suggested and I placed it on my scalp/hair damp/dry first as you also suggested lately in a new video and than I washed it out to use the Apple cider vinegar soon after. There are certain foods that trigger the possibility of a flare up and I dare not eat or drink these particular foods to make sure this method stays as effective as it can be.

  21. Hey em how are you
    Thanks for this video, i think i watched this video 20 times to correctly follow your steps
    My question is i am using your method my scalp the wetness and itchiness are gone now but there is still a small amount of thin layer of dead skins left and im on my 4th oil trearment so please pleasee can you inform me if that happened to you too or the treatment is not working?
    Thank you so much

  22. My daughter was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis at 7 🙁 we’ve tried it all: prescriptions, light therapy, coconut oil, shampoos, etc. we’ve tried it all.
    After ONE of these treatments, she looked at her scalp the entire way to school in disbelief. Sha said “mommy, I’m so happy, I can’t believe it, my scalp is clear! I’m so happy”

    It doesn’t get any better than that!

    She’s sleeping right now with her hemp oil and we’ll be rinsing it off in the morning.

    There is no better feeling than seeing your child happy.

    Thank you so very much!!!! We have been truly blessed to have come across this video! You’ve made a little girl in NJ very happy 🤩♥️♥️

  23. Done the treatment once today and it hasn't done much yet… I just hope it's a work in progress. I've had bad dry scalp for years. Just alot more noticeable during this winter weather. I'd like to get rid of it before my wedding in Feb.

  24. Your video helped me! After being on steroid creams and shampoo with no relief, I started researching. I found your video and stopped taking all medications. I tried the oil but couldnt get past the greasy feeling. After other research, I decide to try baking soda baths. I had SO much relief after my first baking soda bath. NO itching and the redness was GONE! It took 4 months for my scalp and legs to clear up, but I am so relieved. All I did was start with 3 soaks a week (down to 1 every 2 weeks now), use that Dr. Bronners baby soap and follow it with Cerve lotion. My spots, redness and itching are completely gone!!

  25. My scalp is terrible. If I run my hand through my hair it snows. I have tried everything. My shower is filled with all types of shampoo that are supposed to help my psoriasis. None worked. I tried this treatment for the first time last night. It has already worked. I’m so shocked. I love this girl. She’s a life changer.

  26. I love this, it's incredible what you shared with us! Didn't know about the oil being a little bit warm so that it will open up the pores. But it makes sense, 10x!

    I love love love this, 10x so much for telling us, it really is s life saver!

  27. Hi tried this for the first time on my daughter whose 13 ,the oil had been on over night washed off today, when I did the apple cider rinse she said it really stung, will this get better the more times we do it ?

  28. Hey, thank you for posting this ❤ it somewhat worked for me but not so well..
    Wanted to ask you if you follow any special diet or if there are some stuff you avoid eating ?

  29. Ok so I’ve done my second treatment ( every other day) I feel like my head is more itchy after the treatments. Maybe it’s my scalp healing not sure. How long until I see visible improvement?

  30. I have just tried your treatment, I can't believe how easy it is to apply. My scalp feels relaxed, moisturised and my hair is silky smooth with no vinegar smell once dry! I was able to get everything at my local health food shop ( I live in Australia). I am currently taking chemotherapy to help manage my psoriasis. If this treatment is effective, goodbye chemicals. Thank you so much for sharing your treatment.


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