Kefir Problems – Sour Taste/Too Much Time – Solved – & Vegan Kefir


Kefir Solutions – Learn how to solve the 2 biggest problems people have with Milk Kefir – That it takes too much time and taste sour.

Here are the Solutions:

Make your original kefir with 50% high-quality Milk & Pure non-dairy milk. You can use:
Coconut Milk
Coconut and almond milk
Hemp milk
Cashew milk
Rice milk

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I prefer coconut milk or coconut and almond milk. It makes for a nutty flavor. Just don’t use Soy – it’s unhealthy even when it’s non-GMO.

Flavor with:
Organic Ceylon C
Raw Cacoa

That’s it! All 4 ingredients in here are excellent!

Second Regarding Time

Instead of adding just a little milk, fill up a mason jar with the half regular milk and half non-dairy milk straining it and refilling for about 3 days, storing the extra kefir you don’t eat in the refrigerator. You will then go through about a gallon of milk in 3 days. That’s enough kefir for about a week for one person with 16 cups of milk in a gallon.

Add the cinnamon, cacao and dates, and continue to full up your bottle in the fridge only eating about 2-3 cups per day. Then when you get to your last bit of the gallon, put a cup or 2 of milk in the mason jar with the grains, cover it with cloth and put that in the refrigerator as if you were going away for a week. This will put the grains to sleep until you are ready to reactivate them by taking the jar with the grains out of the refrigerator.

Making a Vegan Milk Kefir:
Vegans often ask me if they can use just non-dairy milk. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Strain your kefir grains out of the dairy milk and place them into just coconut milk.

The grains will eat the sugar in the coconut milk, but lactose from regular milk is what sustains and nourishes them. So you could get about 7 to 14 days probably out of just coconut milk. Then you have to put them back in the regular milk for a couple of days, straining them every day for 2 or 3 days to revitalize them. Then start the cycle again with your coconut milk. The good news is the grains multiply fast especially in the summer, so you can put some aside for experimentation.

2. Another way to make this totally vegan is by using water kefir grains – see my video on that here and after making the water kefir add coconut and/or nut milk to the second ferment.
– Use a ¼ cup of water kefir with 1 quart of non-dairy milk. Then add whatever fruit you want to make it taste great.

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2 Problems with Kefir – How to Overcome Sour Taste & No time to make daily – & Vegan Kefir

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  1. Both of your videos have been very concise and clear and answered a lot of questions that other videos miss – I also am chuckling because its nice to hear an American saying Kefir the correct way – but I'm laughing as sometimes your using the American way and switch between the pronunciations …. 🙂

  2. Hi great info as i am having same issues of having more grains and my kefir getting sour as i only add less milk since it is only me who is consuming it. I have a question, can you tell me how i can store grains for about a month while i am on holiday please?

  3. Thank you for a very straight forward video! i googled "what to do when kefir turns too sour". It's so humid in Orange County and my kefir grains are turning the milk too fast! I learned that there's too much grains and i had to split the grains into two small batches.

    And now… dates, cacao and cinnamon!! Sounds delicious!!! Been experimenting on how to get the family to have it. Will try the second fermentation!

  4. Incorrect about Soy milk and soy products that's non-GMO. Latest clinical studies show it's good for your health. He's is so wrong and goes against clinical and scientific studies. It's so unreal how people talk out their butt, w/o fundamental evidence. Too many people like this guy just making invalid statements.

  5. My problem and issue is you are definitely, wrong and to make a statement to the general public w/o any scientific and clinical evidence is just wrong. This guy is a MD and a leading worldwide nutritionist and a vegan. He is authority. This is the clinical truth not what you say. Hate it when people talk out their butt. And yes I read tons of clinical studies on many things. It's a pass time and hobby of mine. And yes I'm a traditional kefir fan, bigtime.

  6. Hi – I am making milk kefir using whole milk (cow). Fermenting (thick texture) takes 3 to 4 days and I am leaving it near the heater to have a warm temperature. It has a very sour taste – is it the correct procedure to leave the fermenting for 3 to 4 days or to do within 1 day- please advise. Thanks in advance.

  7. okay guys I need a little help here. I have a tablespoon of grains ordered. It is 30 degree Celsius where i live and even 1 or 2 Kefir grains are fermenting milk in about 10 hours. I can't produce so much of Kefir as I'd run out of space for storing them. So i am storing them in milk in the refrigerator and take some of them out every 2 days to ferment a liter of milk. I this practice okay?

  8. What do I need to do to keep my kefir alive while I’m off for 3 weeks?
    Please also let me know if I can use a mason jar or if I need a plastic container. Thank you for your help!


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