5th Annual Biggest loser competition


www.hiendfitness.com My 5th Annual Biggest Loser Competition begins Monday April 25th.

Get all the contest information at this Link: http://hiendfitness.com/5th-annual-biggest-loser-competition/

This is an 8 week Body Transformation Competition. The top 3 placings will win cash and prizes.

Get all the information here: http://hiendfitness.com/5th-annual-biggest-loser-competition/

Everyone in the competition will have a personal relationship with me. I will be the one to hold you accountable. I will be the one to work with each of you as individuals to create your ideal nutrition plans for you.

Get registered here: http://hiendfitness.com/5th-annual-biggest-loser-competition/

I will weigh and measure everyone in the contest at the beginning of the competition. In the middle and at the end. Individually you will be responsible for weighing in each week and reporting that information to me.

This is how I will make sure you are on track towards your goals.

Each week you will have to track your food with my nutrition App so that I can see how many calories you are consuming. How much of your calories are from Protein and how much are coming from carbohydrates.

I will make sure you have your macro nutrients in balance to get yourself into your fastest Fat-burning zone and maintain it for the duration of the contest!

Lose weight, tone up, gain energy and get your sexiness back as fast as you can with a system.

Learn a method to lose fat fast and keep it off for the rest of your lives.

Get registered here: http://hiendfitness.com/5th-annual-biggest-loser-competition/

Learn a scientifically proven strategy to create the fastest fat-loss possible guaranteed. All you have to do is show up and let me take care of your motivation, your nutrition, your exercise and your fun!

Get additional information here: http://hiendfitness.com/5th-annual-biggest-loser-competition/

Register on my web-site for a free 7 day detox diet and a 7 day start up exercise routine you can do at home or in the club to begin getting into shape today! No equipment required. www.hiendfitness.com

Participate in my 5th Annual Biggest loser competiton On-line, in your home, in My home, in your Gym or in Mine! You can use this system and method where ever you are in the world to get yourself back to your best!

This is a total Nutritional and Exercise system that will help you to manage your mind too!

Total life success and change is a mind, body, spirit ordeal.

Get registered here today and save: http://hiendfitness.com/5th-annual-biggest-loser-competition/

Learn more about the biggest loser competition here: http://www.biggestloser.com/


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