The Indian diet plan to lose weight – Ms. Sushma Jaiswal


Indian food is all very balanced diet we have to remember to take more protein and no refined sugars or refined foods like mida, white rice or polished dals. You need to take more unpolished dals which have more protein and fiber, fiber binds the extra fat and carbohydrate in the diet and stress is away. So taking more fibrous food like Whole grains, whole legumes, pulses and fruits especially 3 to 4 varieties of fruits and vegetables especially salads. Indian spices are very good to start the day in the morning by taking one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder and the methi powder. All the day you can drink on your other spices like jeera Pani or ajvain water, then green tea is very good for increasing your metabolism. You have to take more fiber, water and cut of oil and spicy food. End your day with milk because it has essential amino acids which helps in good sleep. If you follow these principles you can see weight loss and healthy life style.


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  7. For loosing weight check on your tyroid glands and do sun-gazing, I do 11 minutes (started with 40 and nothing bad happened to my eyes!) with the soddharshan chakra kriya meditation from Yogi Bhajan (here in youtube) and I notice that slowly it brings me out of bad habits!! I eat less and feel full of energy, as well I am including sprout grains and beans in my food, nothing if it is not sprouted non cooked, as that will cleanse my bowels completely, plus adding soo much enriched chemicals when the grains, seeds, beans, etc sprout! It is amazingly goooooodddd!!! But my problem since I was a child, has been gaining weight! I still do not like to eat all, as too much oil and sugary stuff as cakes, coffe, milk products (cancer builders) give me so much pain in my body and loose of energy! so I am like a fashion model, ok, I accept that I will be like that forever, ha, ha, ha, but in the winter I feel too cold! Fortunately woolen blankets and cloths are available… Blessings & love to all.

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