My Top 10 Benefits of the Raw Vegan Diet


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I have seen so many health benefits since starting on a raw vegan diet back in early 2012. In this video I go over the top ten things I have seen improve in my life as a result.

Once we take responsibility for our own health, doors begin to open in our life that can head to amazing places and experiences.


  1. I'm still sceptical about raw. I have the exact benefits on a whole food vegan diet, so I guess it's whole plant foods, not the raw diet.
    but I might try it out for a few weeks to see what happens

  2. I can so relate to everything you are saying. As a much too early born kid I always had and unfortunately still have (when there are a lot of chemtrails and pollution) lung issues and lots of mucus. My parents forced milk into me and it was a disaster. Once i moved out I stopped immediately and it was 80% better. I didn't have to eat meat anymore either. As a child I always graved fresh figs. When we went to southern Europe I'd climb trees just to get them. My parents always tried to stop me from eating them because they said I would get diarrhoea. Now it turns out that fresh figs are the most beneficial mucous solvents and I eat tons of them when I get the chance (and guess what: no diarrhoea!). It is just amazing how intuition leads the way to solutions but unfortunately as we get older we tend to loose intuition. With a raw vegan diet you will get your intuition back! Thanks for your lovely channel and putting love and light into this world! Hug from Germany.

  3. Glad I found your channel. I’ve been watching Miss Staci, a raw vegan from Alaska. She’s great, but it’s nice to find someone else that also provides great value added content!

  4. I’m still transitioning . Just broke up with a meat eater after 14 years so not need to cook meat for him now . I find myself hungry then I fall off but think I need to just stick it out and my body will stop craving old comfort foods . I’m going to add some vegan soups work my raw foods see if that helps . Great video ! 🌶🍅🍆🍍🥑

  5. Thanks for the vedio but I have a question really that has been in my mind since I saw my dietetion three weeks ago. Is raw food diet gives the body all the nutrients it needs.? specially for a mother who wants more kids?? Like protein is in grains and beans checkpea lentils how can I eat them raw? From what can I have Calcium and iron? I started eat vegan three weeks ago but still have some doubts about the raw diet but I feel comfortable and connected as you said which is amazing!!

  6. I’m 15 years old and my parents still eat meat they are concerned about my growth as a teenager and if I’m getting enough nutrients from fruit alone? I want to let them know this is a positive thing but they think I’m torturing myself and Im trying to heal ocular migraines ,eye floaters and vertigo but I’m having trouble getting fruit in bulk for cheap?Any tips

  7. What dooooooo raw vegans eat???????? Benefits are cool, but where do I start???? It's so frustrating. No one shows what they eat, and when they do…. It's a bunch of high-class upper middle class vegan recipes… Ugh this is frustrating 😤… Even when you buy the books, it's full of philosophies, and strange vegan recipes that I can't afford or stick too 😭

  8. Brilliant my man, well said. The part at the end when you say your ability to love others has improved, is so fantastic. We need these positive messages. All the very best sir.

  9. Now that I am on a raw vegan diet, I look at my coworkers differently. I can tell now who is eating the “SAD”— Standard American Diet. When you are eating the SAD diet, you don’t notice those differences. But once animal products in particular are eliminated from the diet and then cooked foods also, there’s a big difference in appearance. Kudos. 😃👍


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