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Clean eating. Weight loss. Muscle gain. No calorie counting. No diets. Just results. Reach your goals with the Freeletics Nutrition app:
► http://frltcs.com/FreeleticsNutrition


Food is the fuel of life. What you eat defines who you are today and who you will become tomorrow. You are not a number or the sum of calorie counting. You are a beautifully unique individual. You deserve a nutritional approach tailored to your needs and goals.

Freeletics Nutrition is not a diet. It is a clean eating lifestyle built on food you love. It is powered by a cutting-edge nutrition Coach that takes out all the guesswork. It’s just like having a nutritionist in your pocket:

→ Individualized and goal-oriented nutritional advice.
→ Meal plans 100% tailored to your unique parameters.
→ Easy to make foodie-grade recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
→ Full flexibility with recipe substitutes and eating out alternatives.
→ Advice on how to maintain a healthy, clean eating lifestyle.
→ Input workouts and your nutrition adjusts accordingly.
→ Track progress in your individual profile
→ And much more. Get the app now: (link to web buying page)


  1. @1:38 say what? Damn yes you are I'd bust all kinds of nuts…all kindzzzz xD.
    On a serious note glad to see this new addition. I've got a question, I'm planning to switch form FL Bodyweight to FL gym. Does the coach in the FL Gym app use a lot of fancy weights machines and stuffs or is it enough if you have a squat rack, a barbell with assorted weights and an ajustable dumbell up to 30kg.

  2. Uhm. Most likely, what defines you is your genes and level of activity. So yeah. Enjoy that ice cream and beer, people! Go for a hike now and then. Maybe a walk with a good friend. Life is too short and precious to be hung up in diets and restricting ourselves.

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