My Weight Loss Surgery Story … 14 Years Post Op!


I had Gastric Bypass Surgery 14 years ago and thought I would share my experience with those of you who are thinking about weight loss surgery or trying to decide which of the various options you want to commit to.
I was obese for most of my young adult life and this surgery transformed me into the person I wanted to be seen as and gave me confidence as well as a marked improvement in my health.
While I have gained some of the weight back, I plan to return to the healthy eating habits I learned during the first year.
Here are some VERY HELPFUL Websites and Videos:
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Heather’s Huge Weight Loss & excess skin issues:
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  1. One of my best friends from High School had the Rou-Y?? Gastric Bypass surgery about two or three years after you did. She lost 100 lbs. She has the loose neck skin, but oddly enough her stomach went back to normal. She said her thighs were like rivers though. I told her if I ever get gastric surgery, whatever I can cover up, I won't worry about. I am 63 years old and would be doing this for my health. I am Type II Diabetic. I looked into the lapband surgery, which is what my husband wanted me to get, and it seems less invasive, but you have to have it adjusted often. My thing is being sedated for so long. That is all I would hate about the surgery! Thanks, Kathy, you look beautiful just the way you are. I'm sure your health is much better now than it was before. Oh, my friend is required to get a B-12 shot monthly.

  2. Being obese is unhealthy. Coddling someone who wears a 2X because you don't want to seem prejudice against fat people isn't being their friend. My husband is about 70 lbs overweight. My best friend had bypass surgery and gained all the weight back. Neither one of them can walk without frequent stops or pain in their ankles or hips. It's all due to being overweight. This new PC speak will only shorten lives. We must be kind, but we must also be a friend and never pretend if they die too young it's normal. We must be honest if we want to keep these people in our lives.

  3. my heart breaks for you and all the things you have gone through. Not having any support during a difficult time is unimaginable. I am grateful for my WLS and the support I have received from my husband and family. I am only 1 year out and still haven't hit goal. Struggling with the last 25 pounds and trying to get it off. I feel like I did before the surgery. No matter what I do I am not losing it. I know the struggle is real. I can relate to everything you said in this video and how people think if you only did this or if you did that you would use the weight. This is the most ridiculous statement someone could say. Love your videos!

  4. thank you so much for this. the experience you described you went through regarding the heckling, name calling, being ignored is exactly what i have experienced in most of life. i sad that we both had to experience it. but im getting my surgery mini gastric bypass done in one month and im nervous and excited at the same time. thanks for the encouragement. God bless you..

  5. Hi Kathy, I enjoyed listening to you testimonial since I had the same surgery in 2009 and so many of the things that happened to you also happened to me…I never dumped, but still to this day have trouble with gas…of course the wrinkles…yuck!!! I lost 120 lbs. and was down to 120 before I stopped losing weight…after 8 years I'm at 126 to 129. You were saying how food didn't taste the same…I couldn't use salt for a while afterwards…tasted horrible and felt like big grains were in my mouth..weird huh!!! I also went to the gastric bypass sharing web site and it helped.

  6. How courageous you are to talk about this. I know you will help many people. I grew up like you but luckily, I didn't gain a lot of weight, just moderately. When I had my children, it went to Hell all together. I am probably over- weight now but at my age, I watch my health and not care what other people think. Thank you for being there, I love you.
    Faye Faraldo

  7. Hi Kathy, great video. I have to agree with you on your assessment of hospitals and staff. I am a firm believer that a patient needs someone to represent them once in the hospital otherwise you can be ignored. When I broke my leg and was in the hospital, several medical procedures went bad. I was hollering for help, crying out and being ignored. My bedpan had overflowed, they forgot to give me my morphine for pain, it was terrible!!

  8. Hi Kathy,
    What an inspiring video. I am considering doing the bypass surgery and your video gave me hope that things can be good after. I am really concern about the hair loss though. And also about the calcium intakes. Could you please tell me more about the bone indensity effect and if you had/ have any problem with that?
    I am in Switzerland and here they actually "force" you to go through all these information classes to really prepare you to take the right decision but it is never the same as hearing from a living experienced person who went tbrough it all and to see the impact years later.

  9. Kathy, thank you so much for telling your story. When I was listening to you talk about not having support, I cried. I'm so sorry. I've had my own weight issues and I understand. It's never easy when your weakness is food. We have to eat everyday, there is no way to escape it. I think that's what makes it so hard for people to lose weight. We can't escape our weakness.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with this procedure. You are very brave wearing your heart on your sleeve to try and help someone. It is obvious how emotional this still is for you.

  11. Kathy I really like you. Thank you for making me laugh. I cried too because I related to so many things you said. I am having my sleeve surgery in 5 months and I'm trying to learn as much as I can ahead of time. My only regret is that I waited so long feeling like you described. I'm 48. God Bless you and please post more, your knowledge is very helpful to others. xoxo Rebecca

  12. HI Kathy, I had the same surgery last December, 2017. Still had to jump through the same hoops you did, I guess some things are really slow to change, but insurance still requires the same steps you had to take. I had the same surgery you did as well, it's still considered the 'gold standard' for weight loss/bariatric surgery. There are other options, but with less than desirable side effects, especially those that have issues with acid reflux. It is such an emotional thing, not sure why that is, but everyone I know that's had it gets very emotional when discussing it. So, thank you so much for sharing your experience, you don't know how helpful it is to hear, even now, when I'm post surgery almost 6 months. I've subscribed to your channel, and even though this topic may never come up again, I"ll enjoy listening to you in the future.

  13. Mrs. Kathy, thank you so much for this video. I am going to a seminar tomorrow about weight loss surgery. Your video was very helpful. The surgery seems to be a blessing for some and a curse for others. I am praying for a blessing. Stay healthy.

  14. I am so happy that you talked about this today I needed a wake up call on my own life and with you being so honest and forth coming with your weight loss . It has lifted my spirit . I am over weight again I was on those drink a shake diets and I lost the weight how ever when I stopped drinking them my weight went not only back up I had even gained more weight then I was before. And once again I am heavy and need and I mean need to loose weight again. I needed to hear this today and finally make up my mind to plunge into a good healthy life change. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart . I am so glad that this surgery worked out for you .


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