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  1. I was eating RT4 when I first when vegan and sometimes even raw completely for a day but I found I was super bloated all the time. Which sucks because it uncomfortable and i wanted to look lean. I eat non raw vegan now and I’m less bloated but I would rather eat more fruits &veggirs and advice?? Pleaseeee lol

  2. I'm on 80% raw diet. I lost so much with no exercise too. I was losing 3lbs a week from it im the same weight and height as yourself but you look so much skinnyier than me. My highest ever was 168lbs

  3. bullshit, you are not even close to healthy, and wow does it show on your face! I thought you were a 50 yr old woman when I first clicked on this video, and please don't bother trying to promote anything because you obviously are anorexic. No joke.

  4. Thank you! finally I have some validation – I have not been able to figure out what I am doing wrong – I do not eat a ton of bananas or dates but I might be hitting carbs a little to hard 🤪

  5. l dont like that much of a disclaimers on youtube,,,common,,,people will get mad no matter what if they want…but anyway…your hair is amazing but much more amazing is your transformation

  6. Thank you for your disclaimers and explanations at the beginning! Some people just attack. More people need to realize that not everyone is the same and everyone's bodies are going to react differently. And, as someone that actually thrives on eating mostly raw foods, I respect that everyone is different and that everyone's body will react different. (Although, I will say that I am kind of in the "athlete" category that you mentioned in the beginning).

    Anyways, long rant. But, THANK YOU!

  7. You look older…body needs protein and fat inorder function, see that wrinkle in your eyes, and by the way ne careful also about raw foods, they contain also parasites that is not visible to the naked eye. Your body weight doesnt define you. To all the teens out there say no to body shaming 👊🏻💪🏻❤️

  8. I would love to see a video on how you feel about soy and imitation meat vegan foods. I have been wanting to go vegan, or at least more on the vegan side of being a vegetarian. I have seen a lot of people gain weight from being vegan but I also notice that they eat a lot of soy. Do you have any personal stories or experiences with weight gain due to over-consuming soy?
    Thank you!

  9. Honestly so sad what I’ve done to my body you’re absolutely right 20 lbs is a REALLY BIG DEAL. If you look at how much 5lbs of pure fat is it’s A LOT. Thank you! I’ve went up 100lbs from going from anorexia to binge eating disorder. I recently lost about 40 lbs from just being less stressed and eating a little less. Crazy right? I’m now seeking medical help from my doctors because I am aware I have a problem with eating sometimes. Specifically binge eating. I am aware this has happened to others people specifically people who go from bulimia or anorexia to easily switch to binge eating. I was down to 106 lbs my freshman year and slowly went up. I’m 5’4. I carry my weight fairly well. My healthy goal would be about 140. I don’t crash diet I don’t believe in them anymore. I may try Keto but I’ve decided before anything to ask professional help. I did not accept treatment at 14. I ran. Anyways binge eating is linked to depression, anxiety, substance abuse (alcohol) (weed) (drugs) . I personally believe it to be true so I try to live my most stress free life as much as I can. It has helped me so much. Also seeking professional help. It’s important. ALSO DISCLAIMER I just thought I would also mention that I feel like I gained more weight than I would if I would have never had an eating disorder and got small. It still created disorder eating. It just happened and I couldn’t control it.

  10. It doesnt matter what you eat. If you gained weight its because you were eating an excess of calories. If you loose weight its because your in a deficit. Its as simple as that. Eating healthy and loosing weight are 2 different things.

  11. Same happened to me. Thanks for posting this. Some you tubers promote too much fruit sugar, not reminding viewers this diet only works for long distance runners like Kristina running 9 miles and doing 1 hour yoga daily.

  12. How does raw till 4 make you fat? 😂😂 I don’t understand how people use the click bait of “Raw Till 4 Made Me Fat” on their articles/videos when people don’t follow it like you’re supposed to lol Even if you don’t limit what you eat after 4 to those specific things prescribed, if you’re not snacking and eating late into the night, you can’t help but to lose weight (if you’re legitimately doing it). Using the “If You Don’t Follow RawTill4 Religiously You’ll Gain Weight” is more accurate.


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