Raw Vegan for the Summer || 2 Month Update


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  1. Hi! Your acne may be a detox symptom, have you thought about it? I have been struggling with really bad acne concentrated on my cheeks for the past 4 years 🙁 I've been vegan for two now and nothing has ever worked. Recently, I've been prescribed a bunch of fruits and vegetables, mainly raw, and no processed foods and fats at all (even nuts, seeds and avocados). I was told that if I do this during one to two months it should clear up all my acne and balance all my hormones for once and in a natural way, which is truly important to me. Then I can go back to some of my favourite foods. 🙂 Keep your videos on the subject, I'll be on my own journey, trying to eat better and a lot more raw. 🙂

  2. Hey!
    I live in France and I think it is more difficult to eat completely raw since the temperatures aren't always high (except in July-August) so I do need some cooked food. So if you felt lethargic after cooked meals it might be because of the temperature/weather of were you live 😉

  3. I agree with some things others have said – if the diet isn't working for you, you could try something else. Maybe you could try the raw 'til 4 (it seemed like that's what you explain in the video) & that might work for you. For some cooked meals (if you don't already do this), you could base your dinners around lentils or beans (maybe bean burritos, lentils & rice, quinoa & steamed veggies – those are some of my favorite meals!). Eating raw foods is amazing, but in general, eating nutritious foods – cooked or raw – should make you feel better. Thanks for sharing your updates with with us!

  4. You dealing with acne issues is really interesting to me because I went raw vegan for a month and my skin completely cleared up, I did eat way more green vegetables than fruits.

  5. Love seeing your updates! After my first month being raw I definitely noticed my skin staying clear on an 80 10 10 diet (80 calories from carbs, 10 from fat and 10 from protein per day). I think you could really benefit from reading up on that diet. And definitely make sure you are eating enough calories! I've been eating around 2000 calories at least per day and been doing really well. It is also important to point out that usually you want to be eating more fruit than veggies on an all raw diet because they are so dense in calories. If you do decide to do raw til 4 ( which is also awesome) it's a great time to get cooked veggies and grains in for your dinner and save the fruit for the morning and the afternoon! Also make sure you aren't cooking with any oil, as the oil's calories are made up of 100% fat. Instead get your fats from whole foods like avocados or a small amount of seeds/ nuts. The website cronometer.com is awesome to make sure you're getting all your nutrients! 😊👍🏻

  6. Hi Victoria! I struggled with adrenal fatigue for awhile. I know it's not recognized by modern/Western medicine and a lot of people are sceptic of it, but the symptoms are real. If you'd ever wanna talk about it, let me know. I hope your symptoms go away soon! Thanks for all of your videos and doing what you do– you're so inspiring and you're helping a lot of people!

  7. I'm also vegan and eat mostly raw (fruit, smoothies, juice) because I feel so energetic and light and hydrated eating that way and even when I eat healthy cooked foods sometimes I feel heavy and lethargic and tired or even get a headache. What changed things a lot for me was doing an herbal detox with Dr. Robert Morse (he's on YouTube and has a TON of videos and information). My suggestion is to check him out because I think detoxing is a huge component because often our kidneys are not working as efficiently as they could to get cellular waste out of our body which is acidic and causes all kinds of problems, including acne. Wishing you all the best on your journey!!

  8. If you're tired you're under eating! Raw Till 4: Check out Freelee the Banana Girl. High Carb Low Fat/Starch Solution Based: Check out High Carb Hannah. Fully Raw: Check out Fully Raw Kristina 😀 The first 6 months of Veganism are definitely a learning curve–especially as your body gets used to it. Just make sure to eat enough and stay hydrated 🙂

  9. I went from a standard american diet>no red meat>raw ril 4 vegan, At first it was amazing and I was so thrilled about eating lots of fruit and not having the guilt that came with eating dead flesh. I ate like that for while but began to forget why I was vegan and went back to eating dairy products. THEN I watched cowspiracy, and have been making my way back to veganism. Its kind of struggle but i feel like every step gets you closer. PROGRESS not PERFECTION. I think thats a huge thing, reminding yourself why the vegan lifestyle is so amazing! <3

  10. You need to make sure you get enough healthy fats and cut back on fruit-derived sugars, which are probably contributing to adrenal fatigue. Healthy fats support healthy hormone production, which will help with ovulation-acne. They don't mess with your blood sugar or adrenal gland either.

    Raw vegan sounds way too carb and sugar heavy, hence the adrenal fatigue and acne. I do best with lots of coconut oil, nuts, bone broths, grass fed butter, and fatty meats, along with a good lot of veggies.

  11. you gotta flush your body out. start with 2 liters of warm lemon water in the morning,

    and do an organic raw red cabbage juice enema with a billionth probiotic pill and half clean water in the BIG red bag enema! email me ill help you <3 [email protected]

  12. Keep it up girl! Have you looked into the fermentation of the foods you're eating? There are certain foods, vegetables especially, that are body just cannot break down in its raw form (especially in the proportion size that raw vegans usually eat). I found that when I tried being raw, I had so much stomach pain from the gasses that were released when the foods high in whatever causes fermentation in the body. Broccoli was one of my favorite veggies to eat raw, but I definitely can't make a mono meal out of it or eat more than a few handfuls because it causes my body awful gas pains when digesting.


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