The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight


Why working out is great for health, but not for weight loss, explained in five minutes.

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  1. It deserves emphasize that this video does not in any way suggest that you should work out less. Working out is the NUMBER ONE way to be healthy, live longer, feel better, pay less in medical bills, look good, etc. You can lose weight and look terrible, and you can be technically overweight but look great. The video does capture an important aspect of working out — it doesn't magically make you shed pounds. You can't just add up the time spend doing cardio and convert it to pounds lost compared with if you hadn't exercised. The human body is a complicated system and there are all sorts of factors as they point out. It seems like the video is trying to bank off the fact that most people work out, kind of dislike it, and don't lose as much weight as they hope. Unfortunately, as much as you'd like to hear otherwise…. keep exercising! It's good for you!

  2. I'm sorry, but I don't buy this. So your saying it's just a coincidence that so many people can be four hundred pounds and then start working out, and slim down. It's just a coincidence that we've been so active for thousands of years, and then we all the sudden get jobs where all we do is sit, and now we're all fat. You can give me all the facts you want, but I don't buy it.

  3. Started at 289.9 … 20 minutes a day cause I was very out of shape… got to 30 minutes a day…. now doing 30 minutes a day on the treadmill at 3.5 speed and 10 incline and I'm down to 267.2 in 3 months

  4. The majority of calories burned in a day are from basal metabolic rate. I thought muscle mass was a significant part of our basal metabolic rate. Is this not really true? Doesn't exercise increase your basal metabolic rate by increasing muscle mass? I agree that exercise is not that effective for weight loss, but isn't it important for maintaining your metabolic rate during and after a weight loss journey?

  5. Don't read what the other comments say, because they are people who are athletes. If you are fat like I was, diet is everything, and excersise may even be making you become fatter.

    Yes you can burn through excersise but the calories you burn will make you crave double so many to eat. And you can resist that but that is assuming you have good willpower, and if you're fat you probably don't have good willpower.

    I recommend to do the following:

    1. Gain knowledge about macronutrients and how they work on your body (protein:yay, everything else: dangerous, use strategically)

    2. Memorise your bmi and importantly your bmr

    3. Learn the calories of all the food you usually eat and the food you should eat.

    4. Learn everything about how to implement habits and what can damage them

    5. [VERY IMPORTANT] Implement a diet and take notice to where, what, when, why, how you fail parts of the diet. Write it down and analyse how to solve it, or discuss a solution with someone (preferably a dietitian), and implement the solution immideatialy. It is very important that when you recognise the problem that you don't just think about it in your head and solve it. Just believe me, that will make you fail.

    6. You should do exercise one to two times a week because any kind of physical activity is insanleny good for your health. Just be sure to not have any goals to exhaust yourself. You need to have fun. Hell you can just go to the gym and do 10 situps. But it is important that you regularly go to the location (whether it is a gym, tennis hall…). You can set tiresome goals, but make sure it is because you like doing that.

    7. When you've lost around 10kg you can start putting exercise goals, you will notice that excersise is so much easier and fun.

    Doing step 5 poorly is the reason why obesity exists in the world. The diet to losing weight is not hard to find. Finding the diet that will work for everyone's specific situation, so that they won't become discouraged will probably remain unknown.

    But finding your own optimised diet is totally possible. It just requires some knowledge in nutrition, structured planning and some trial and errors.

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  7. So you eat five donuts, and a big burger with a double size soda and you say that that exercise doesn't work to loose weight. I am sock!

    Exercise works. But more important is to eat what your body needs.

  8. Not really, the people that actualy know how this thing works disliked that the video as it is a little bit misleading in terms of downplaying the workout benefits and it onnly focuses on cardio workouts. It actualy applies very good to people that come to the gym workout about 1 hour on cardio machines and then go home grabbing some fast food cuz they are hungry and lets say they burned 500 calories and they get a 800 calories meal to compensate also abit of calories between the next meal and they are even. The onnly way in this world people gain weight is if they consume more calories than they use in a day/week/month and vice versa they onnly way you loose weight is if you get less calories into your body then you actualy need which will turn on a switch in your body to consume eaither fat or ur muscle mass making you loose weight (if you are training specialy weight training and making sure you get good amount of proteins during your calories deficit time you gonna lose way more fat tissue than muscle). So lets say youre average chubby dude that wants to loose weight something around 90 kg your prob gonna need about 2.5 k calories if youre stationary during your day thats not much like you can eat 2 meals and youre done and youre not gonna loose eny weight. But lets now take a factor that youre gonna join the gym workout 2-3 times a week dont change your diet too much (exept maybe try adding some more protein into it without adding too much calories ) and focus on weight training combined with some cardio workouts to be fair i perefer focus on weight training and less cardio a split of something like 80/20 sounds nice as it will help you build muscles if your diet is made properly it wont make you as hungry as if you just did onnly cardio for the whole training so your after workout meal will be there but it wont be like huge to compansate your hunger and as long as you actualy trained hard in weight lifting department you gonna get into procces of repairing your muscles thats gonna burn calories in it self plus you gonna overtime add muscles to your body that increase the passive calories burning number during the day. And thats a way better strategy to go when you wanna look better.

  9. this lazy diabetic slob of a woman is just trying to look for excuses. there is no easy way in life, and if there is its never legit. work hard and achieve your goals. and this research is skewed to suit oneself, the result might be factual but its interpretation is stupid!

  10. If you double the size of the oatmeal you eat for breakfast, you will be fine.

    The problem is fatties don’t eat oatmeal for breakfast or any other meal. They eat sausage, egg, or and cheese McMuffins or donuts.

  11. I do two hours of wrestling, two hours of boxing and about two half hour sessions of running per week, and I walk 10,000 steps per day.
    All this amounts to a weight GAIN, however, if I spend the rest of my time eating cake and fried fast food, as I tend to do when stressed.
    This exercise plus a balanced healthy diet leads to weight LOSS, making me slim down when I'm health conscious.
    I'm just as athletic and as good a fighter when my weight fluctuates. The only difference is the number on the scale. The exercise is intense, but I can't outrun the five brownies I may have per week every now and then.

  12. Read Michael Pollan's Book "The Omnivore's Dilemma." You'll learn why America has an obesity problem. It all starts from the overproduction of government subsidized corn. Corn harnesses energy from the sun the most efficiently compared to any other plant. So all these extra corn are used to produce cheap beef, cheap soda, cheap sweeteners, etc. This is why Europeans and Asians don't have this bad of an obesity problem.

  13. No it is not the best way to lose weight fast, but is the best way to keep losing weight consistently, while keeping your body and mind healthy. It keeps you away from food, it doesn't leave you craving for foods to feel good, because once you are beyond 20 minutes of exercise, your body's endorphins will help you feel good instead of the foods. I hate the singled out information picking "evidence to suggest". "some people". How the f*** does the calorie consumption of people in africa, that adapted their whole life to that situation, how does that one study relate to overweight people in America? It does not at all. The message at the end is the only thing that makes sense about the video. The rest of the video is just carelessly put together information, intentionally misleading even, that sounds like an excuse not to exercise.

  14. I have recently created a hypnotic audio designed to help people effortlessly lose weight. It's designed to make weight loss easy and natural, without having to force yourself to do anything you don't want to…. like dieting… or exercise! I have uploaded the full audio to my channel so you can listen to it without having to pay anything. Please have a listen, and leave a comment to let me know what you think. The video is called “Effortless Weight Loss” you can access it on my channel. Thank you 🙂

  15. Way to move the goalposts.

    Resistance exercise increases lean body mass (muscle) and as such increases your basal metabolic rate. Not to mention the cascading effect it has on things like insulin sensitivity.

    Your diet AND exercise regimes are important for maintaining a healthy weight and active participation in a sport is the easiest way to get your arse training.

    Don't neglect it.

  16. Exercise maintain and build muscle in the body. The more muscle means more mitochondria, mitochondria burns fat. But muscle has mass/weight, so i't doesn't show to much progress in the scale. It's effective to make yourself look good in the mirror but not to look good in the scale.

    Simple and that's that.

  17. obviously eating less and eating healthier are the best ways to loose weight. That being said, it's very much possible without excercise you'll be skinny yet unhealthy, I've been there.


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