How To Achieve Your Fitness Goal Either Is Fat Loss or Muscle Gain | Nutrition Pyramid Explained


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Achieving your fitness goal either is fat loss or muscle gain you need to consider and know about the nutritional pyramid. Watch the full video to learn more about the nutritional pyramid and how is affecting your fitness goal either is fat loss or muscle gain. To order your personalised diet plan visit my website:

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  1. Videos are getting very professional man! Congratz!

    I hope you have alot of sucess, but then again, with this much consistency and hard work put in your content…you will have it for sure…

    Don´t have much time to watch Youtube now because of the marines bootcamp which started 1 week ago, but il try to watch them everytime!

    Big hug from Portugal!

  2. Perfect video i'm trying to put on muscle mass 🙂 btw bro on one of your videos you said that you never do flat bench press but you still have a nice chest (no homo) 🙂 do you do dumbellflies and dumbellpress? Thanks and have a goodnight/day

  3. Can you tell me a site/app or whatever that will help me to calculate how many calories has every meal? Thanks in advance, keep up the good work, your videos are very helpful.

  4. It would be cool if you do a video about fiber and industries lies. Some industries don't count fiber calories, so for example if you have a granola bar, with 25 g of carbs, and from that 25 g 10 g are fiber, they will put a total of 60 calories instead of 100 calories. I know fiber don't have exactly 4 calories but atleast 2 calories, and by the end of the week that can make a completely difference.

  5. Hello, It's Twin Workout here, me and my brother Hussein were wondering if you would like to feature each other on our channels; where we put a video on each others channel, this way we'll both expand our channels and gain some more loyal subscribers. Me and Hussein have 3.5k subscribers and nearly 15k followers on Instagram between us. If you're interested, either reply to us at [email protected] or reply to this comment.

  6. Hi XcTV,

    Me and my twin brother have been subscribed to you for a while now and we really like your channel's content.

    Would you consider a collab by featuring each other on our channel's? I understand we don't have as many subscribers as you but we have a loyal family who will definitely support you.

    Please let us know – we would massively appreciate it !

    Kind regards,

    Hassan & Hussein

  7. Hii, xenios a big fan of urs, i am overweighted 19, i weigh 93 kgs n my height is 170cm.. I want to start a fatloss and get a body i always wanted.
    Would love tips from you.

  8. This is my official account, the one who asked u about weight loss tips, i will communicate through this account thanks, man.. Looking forward for ur weight loss video..


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