Phil Jones 6 month body transformation


I am a 27 year old french Canadian comedian.

By 2014 I was in deep depression … So I gained a lot of weight and started having huge problems with sleep apnea. My health had become horrible.

I was always in good physical condition before this depression, so I had muscles under my fat.

In December 2015, my doctor told me that I absolutely had to lose weight and take care of my health because I was at risk of having a heart attack in my sleep. What my doctor told me, shook me.

From the news of my doctor, I started looking to have a professional trainer who could help me achieve my goals.

At the beginning, I was aiming to make a transformation of 2 months. I found it so difficult to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle overnight. I had very strict food plan and my training was very difficult. I felt like I was starting from scratch.

After 1 month of diet and intense training, my coach gave me my results. I had already lost 15 lbs, lost 19 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs in muscle. I was so motivated by my results that I felt that nothing could stop me.

I have always been a very motivated and passionate person in everything I do in my life. The train was gone. The start was the most difficult. Now that the train was running at full speed, I did not want to stop it anymore.

My new goal was to lose fat and gain more muscle in 6 months. Above all, I wanted to be healthy and to feel good about myself.

This video is my greatest pride to date. I want this video to motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Remember, you must never give up what you want in life.


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