7 Things That Happen When You Quit Eating Meat & Dairy!


7 Things That Happen When You Give Up Meat & Dairy! Here are the top 7 changes in my body I have personally experienced, mentioned by others too! It’s about health. We can heal our bodies and the planet by changing the foods that are on our plates.

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  1. Can someone please explain me how not eating meat gives me more energy? The same weight of meat against vegetables has more calories, more calories mean more energy to spend right? I'm no expert in this so pls explain.

  2. For about a year and a half I ate a lot of greek yogurt. I was eating upwards of 3 to 4 containers of yogurt a day. I love greek yogurt! Especially Chobani lemon Greek yogurt! I've been extremely busy the last couple years so a container of yogurt was very convenient. However, I noticed I was starting to have serious acne issues. I am not one to have or ever have problems with acne. Maybe a pimple here and there but nothing major at all. In addition to pimples I was getting little blisters on my face. For the life of me I could not figure out why this was happening. And then I thought about it. For an entire month about a year ago I didn't have any yogurt at all because I moved and the local grocery store didn't have the yogurt I liked. During that time I remembered that my face cleared up and I didn't have any problems at all with acne. Not to mention I also remembered dropping a bunch of weight without even trying. A couple of weeks ago is when I put all of this together and stopped eating yogurt. Almost immediately within a couple of days my face started clearing up and I am not having any problems with new breakouts. And again I dropped weight without even trying. I hope telling my story helps someone who is a dairy lover that might be having a similar problem and not able to figure out why.

  3. Christina,you are the greatest discovery i made in the last few years.I love,what you say and i`ve started to learn it.Thank you so much!!!!! (I`m sorry for any english mistakes i made in this Post!)

  4. i have been putting weight on and off every year … fluctuating b/w 70 and 110 kg every year … basically by going vegan … i was doing what she says and it worked … but …

    this time i discovered carnivore diet … i did it … i got abs for no reason, i am not depressed for the first time in my life … my skin is super clean for the first time … i exercise much intensively without any tiredness after; for the first friggin' time …

    i believed these lies once … i did it all … but i promise you go carnivore for 5 days … and you will have health gains that vegans never get … meat will get you in the promised vegan health land …

    fish; please dont eat marine fish … leave them alone … and agriculture is much more destructive to the environment vegan food causes more problems …

  5. Your lips are very very wrinkly thats not normal/healthy.The rest of your skin is covered in make up.Why?Go to Africa and tell the starving how better their off to eat fruit and veges only.Spread the bullshit guilt.

  6. When you stop eating meat and dairy you eat more bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc … so no, you don’t loose weight. Unless that’s your goal, but then you are on diet, you are not just a vegan.
    I know because I don’t eat meat or dairy half the days of the year my whole life, because of religious reasons. So that one is a myth.

  7. I’ve been vegan for two days and in that time I managed to: do three loads of dishes, take dogs on multiple walks, wake up by 9 am (which is rare), mop and vacuum the floor, do laundry, take a half hour walk twice a day, and sleep by 10 pm. I’d say a job well done! 💪🏻

  8. Long post alert*
    For lent season I gave up candy not all sugar but candy in particular. Afterwards I can say my cravings weren’t so bad once lent was over and I can tell you just about all candy I’ve eaten since then.
    I stopped eating red meat due to it simply kept making me sick after 10-15 min leaving me in the fetal position. I’ve never really eaten pork so it’s not an issue not eating it.
    I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t consume a lot of dairy either
    I also did essentially a smoothie diet for about two weeks due to oral surgery. Sense then because all the fruits and veggies are things I really like it wasn’t had to consume this more regularly after healing.
    I still suffer for allergies year around.
    What I’ve notice is that after eating certain unhealthy foods I feel like my body is rejecting it shortly afterwards. Anyone else ever experience this?

  9. Don't believe a thing this woman says! Vegan raw foods diet is death. Look, she covers up her skin with makeup, her hair and a tan, but she is not healthy, you can see the blemishes. She promotes Lies. "Buy my products!!"

  10. Total lie, Vegan diet kill and uproot so much more animal and insect causing more destruction, plus you are causing slave labor forcing people to work the fields for low pay.

    Go Vegan and 5 out 7 issues on this list will get significantly worse and last as long as you are following this cult diet.

    I think fully raw actually admitted to eating animal products again. I may be wrong but so many vegans are adding animals back to their diet.


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