Worried about what losing weight will do to your tattoos? Don’t.

Aaron Coleman
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  1. Lmao you're dog is like "hi mom…. I gotta pee…. I'll wait…. I love you though…. I sit here…" That's just what I imagine your dog saying 😂😂😂

  2. Love your tattoos!! I so want a P!atd tattoo! I have so many ideas but can't figure out what to get. I live in wisconsin I am going to have to check out The Millenium.

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  4. Great video and you're so inspiring! Congrats on go after your goals(: I'm in the beginning stages of trying to lose weight and I also want a tattoo but I'm super insecure. I'd like an arm sleeve but I have issues with my upper arm and how it'd look after weight loss. The other option is my lower leg which I'd also like, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Thanks for making this video!! I have a Panic! tattoo and sent you a pic of it through insta. I love you and all of your posts. I hope if you decide to get the skin removal surgery it goes smoothly and the healing isn't so bad. You're badass and you can get through anything !


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