HOW TO MAKE CHIA SEED PUDDING | paleo & vegan chia pudding


Chia seed pudding is one of my favorite healthy breakfasts and it couldn’t be easier to make. Especially when you let the chia seeds soak overnight! This vegan and paleo-friendly chia pudding can be made with your favorite non-dairy milk, such as almond milk or coconut milk. Chia seeds have numerous benefits so enjoy this recipe and get creative with seasonal fruit!

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Organic Chia Seeds:
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For the full chia pudding recipe and backstory on the recipe:

Other recipes that use overnight chia seeds:
Blueberry Chia Pudding with Figs, Hazelnuts and Maple Syrup:

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  2. This may sound weird, but how can I calculate the calories pr. serving?
    I'm on a 1600 calories pr day, and 220 of that is for breakfast. How do I messure the right amount?

  3. Made these right after I saw your video. Now, I've been making this pudding for years, not once did it occur to me to make the sauce. Made it this morning sans the sweetner and oh my gosh, this is magnificent. This will forever be in my repertoire. Thank you again, Down.

  4. I am loving the Fresh HERB wall behind you!!! Please share more about the herbs you grow and use!!
    Loving the Chia seed pudding and the final product… It looks delightful. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. So what went wrong? I followed the steps but after about 6hours I decided to check on the progress. The top of the bowl was mostly almond milk and appeared to be floating on top. I decided to give it a stir and discovered all the seeds had fell to the bottom of the bowl in a clump and needed to be stired to be broken up so the seeds better incorporated. The pudding is very clumpy. It will need to be stired again to make it smooth. So, what happened?

  6. I made some chia pudding last night but it did not gel up like yours did….I mixed it well before putting it in the fridge and this morning the chia seeds were at the bottom… you know why that would be? It thickened very little.

  7. So let me just say, I made this last night. Only the chia pudding and it was super delicious. Thick and creamy with coconut milk. I added a few cut up strawberries and a bit more maple syrup swirled on top of the mixed berries and it was heaven. This will be my morning go to breakfast. I am going to try it with almond milk next. But omg! Ahmazzing! Super easy to make and quick. I would love to try the other one with figs, this is a filler breakfast.

  8. WOOOO I made this using the cashew milk that turned out pretty bomb from your video! I needed a meal prep breakfast that was simple and quick. I added in a little homemade strawberry-chia seed jam to it :D. i usually put the chia seeds last since they do clump up while adding in the other ingredients. I also put this on top of my overnight oats.


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