Is dating any different after extreme weight loss?

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  1. omg i get u i was 230 im currently 129 and i still think im a big girl and dnt see any changesaand wen i would date im the same way thinking im bigger then all the guys n when they would hug me i would say ur arms fit around me?? im very self conscious with my body i guess im hard accepting my self and changes i hope i can one day i kno it takes time i was heavy most my life so its hard i hate going on dates with ppl i would meet threw of or fb n i tell them dnt expect me 2 look how i do in my pics cuz i feel bigger in person

  2. I'm totally with you!!! I cannot see myself as a smaller person. I still think of myself as being bigger than everyone around me. It's weird to me to think that people are actually looking at my figure now. Like before I was just kind of a blob…

  3. One thing I can say is the most comfortable I've ever been with someone I dated was a dude that also had extreme weight loss. The trickiest thing for me was intimacy and the scars, etc. Not that it bothered me emesely but was awquard to explain to people. That feeling pretty much never went away and it's been years. Perhaps your more comfortable with it than me but it's just a bitch when relating when dating.

  4. This product does not give me any side effects. It curbs my appetite in conjunction with weight loss green store tea. I just started a few weeks ago. The big thing is, I am less stressed and more in control of my eating !!!

  5. Hi 🙂 I follow you on Instagram, and I'm so glad to see you on YouTube. I have been with my husband for 12 years and was always heavy. He liked BBWs and at my highest weight I was 438 pounds. it's interesting that you say men date for their body preference because even now that I am 233 pounds I find that he says he misses his fat wife. he is constantly rediculing me, makes low blow "jokes" and says I didn't work to earn my weight because I had weight loss surgery. I know this post is about dating but my question is how would one deal with the body preferences of your "spouse"? I'm sure that maybe all my confidence and hotness 😉 makes him insecure… lol I just don't know how to see things for what they're worth. thanks for your time. and thanks for your inspiring videos. you help me and others more than you would know ♡

  6. Is it this simple: A guy who is worthy of you is one who likes you as you are, doesn't expect or hope you will stay as you are OR change just for his sake, but who will support and encourage you in your journey to be healthier. Is that kind of guy so rare?

  7. Every guy I have ever dated has had a "thing" for redheads. I'm fine with that, you're attracted to what you're attracted to. I do get how being someone's type or fetish can make it hard to know if they really like YOU. But sometimes it works out. My husband prefers curvy redheads BUT we are both so clearly into each other for our personalities. I got pretty good at figuring out who was into me in a purely sexual way and who was attracted to me for the same reasons but also liked me as a person.

  8. babe, you need to go see a therapist. you seriously have body dysmorphia. It's OKAY. you've lost a BUNCH of weight and you are a badass. but if you are still seeing yourself at 300ish pounds, then you need to seek professional help. ok? take care of yourself

  9. My experience was different I am 5"1 and all my life been 130-135 usually then I went into major depression from an abusive relationship about 1-2 years ago and weighed 213. In my pictures my last small picture was in November then all of a sudden it was a few months later in July and I was huge. I was used to a lot of attention then when I gained weight it just stopped. There was even one guy I went to see and he said "I didn't think u looked that fat in your pictures, can you just go home" so I think it just depends. Bc with someone as short as I am, any weight you gain shows much faster than someone who weighs the same but taller. It really just made me more aware of men's intentions and to just slow it down to see if they stick around.

  10. I've recently lose a lot of weight (100+ lbs) and don't know how to navigate dating with loose skin. How have you handled that part? When does someone tell a new partner about the skin? Are lots of people weirded out by or apprehensive about it? I've gotta get over this fear of rejection, but I don't know how to practically go about it.


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