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**Please note that I am not a doctor and that you should consult your doctor on any diet plan/ lifestyle change you may want to try.


  1. I've finally been able to burn fat and maintain it! Previously every "diet" I used made way for me to shed a little weight, however it always returned. This was no fun, which is why I was psyched when my sister told me about The Venus Factor. She tried using it and yes it worked for her, so I reckoned why not test it? I'm thankful I did! Go to this web site to learn why this method differs from the others. Here is the website address. https://tinyurl.com/womenfatloss57

  2. You know you can also take you weight and multiple iT by 10 and the multiply that by 7 days of the week 240 x 10 =2400 kcal a day and that bij 7 days 16800 kcal a week to lose weight Lets say you have 1 cheet day where you eat Like a entire pizza with champai and the ADD 1500 kcal in a day so you take that and ADD that to a Normal eating plan 3900 kcal Lets say on saterday
    Then you just take that 3900 and take iT off you entire weekly eating allowens
    16500kcal – 3900kcal = 12600kcal
    And then split that in to 6 days 2100 kcal

  3. I'm 239 pretty much 2:40 I want to go back down to 140 at least. Since I gained weight I've been more tired easily lazy just all kinds of s*** I don't want to be. I've always been a little bit big but never 240 lb. I want to go back down to 140 and I have no problems getting myself to eat nasty stuff. I was losing a little bit of weight in high school but I just stop caring for some reason. Plain oatmeal is what I was eating every day for breakfast and lunch and I was losing weight very fast. And at one point I was looking hella water like a liter or two a day. Just drinking a lot of water helps especially those people who love soda and juice like my husband does

  4. Lucy Wyndham 7 minute challenges are GREAT for your tummy! Check her out 🙂 Great job for loosing 100 pounds. I’m 43 and have lost 30 pounds and now still weigh 228. I’m still going, even in my 40s, I’m gonna fix it Girl! Great inspiration you are!

  5. Hi I’m from Somalia I am 220. pound 21 years old I have no friend at all people keep telling me that I want to talk to me that I want to be my friend because I look old simple because I’m sad but I love myself and I’m doing best of my ability to lose weight though I lost all my hope is in though some girls are older than me for 10 years and they still tell me that I look old because my face is bad I have big face I look very nasty they do anything to hurt myself but I stay away from them and I’m been focus to lose weight when I watch you I felt very happy and I get motivation from u thank you very much sweetheart

  6. Thank you for this Im 21 years old 5’0” and used to weigh 247 and dropped to 230. My goal is to hit at least 180 with in the year hopefully with these tips I can improve my diet
    -love from Vegas


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