How I Lost 15Kg in One Month | My Weight Loss Story Tips & Tricks | The Real Ways


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Hey My lovelies, tday im gonna be talking about my weight lost story tips & tricks and how i lost my weight, i hope u will like it, if u do so, make sure u subscribe to my channel, give a thumbs up and share, xoxoxo

Mentioned Diet Chart:

Early Morning: Lukewarm Water with honey/Lemon
Breakfast: 2 Rootis+ 1/2 cup Curry/ 1 cup Milk
Mid Morning: 1 Apple/1 Banana or any Fruits
Lunch: Rice 1 cup+ 1 cup vegetable+ Salad 1 Bowl
Evening: 1 cup Milk
Dinner : 2 rooties+ 1 cup soup/Vegetable+Salad 1 bowl

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