[Vegan Pregnancy] Breastfeeding is (barely) best & formula is fine (yep, even soy)


Title says it all. Time codes and references below.

0:42 – Breastfeeding advantages
1:41 – Breastfeeding & weight loss
3:49 – Formula-fed babies sleep better
4:25 – Breastfeeding & vitamin D
6:54 – Breastfeeding is not free
10:10 – Breastfeeding IS better, so why does any of this matter?
11:36 – Soy formula
13:27 – Will I breastfeed?


Breastfeeding Benefits: The Real, the Imagined, and the Exaggerated

Breastfeeding Benefits: The Real, the Imagined, and the Exaggerated

Don’t Count on Breastfeeding to Help You Shed Your Baby Weight

Don’t Count on Breastfeeding to Help You Shed Your Baby Weight

Let’s Face It: Formula-Fed Babies Sleep Better On Average

Let’s Face It: Formula-Fed Babies Sleep Better

Vitamin D Supplementation for Infants

Maternal Versus Infant Vitamin D Supplementation During Lactation: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Breast Milk is Not Free, so Stop Saying It Is

Breast Milk is Not Free, so Stop Saying It Is

Questioning the evidence for breastfeeding

Questioning the Evidence for Breastfeeding

The Harriet Hall book review on veganism I mentioned…

Vegan Betrayal: The Myths vs. the Realities of a Plants-Only Diet

…and Ginny Messina’s (The Vegan RD) critique

My soy videos

Use of Soy Protein-Based Formulas in Infant Feeding (AAP)

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  1. Vitamin D? No. I've never heard of anyone supplementing vitamin D while exclusively breastfeeding and I've never heard of a baby with rickets. And I have worked with breastfeeding mothers for a very long time, over 20 years. If you are getting these recommendations from research that is paid for by formula companies that would explain a lot.

  2. I tried so hard to breastfeed. It just didn't happen for me. My milk production was so low that it was enough for maybe 20% of my babies needs. At that point I would cry while feeding formula to my baby because of all the s#¤% in the media about all the benefits of breastfeeding that I wasn't able to provide.

    As soon as the hormones settled down a bit and the wise words of my husband finally made their way in my brain I calmed down. I am happy to say my baby is alive and thriving and she did so on Formula exclusively since she was 3 months old. If any new moms see this I just want to urge you to enjoy those precious early months and don't spoil them by stressing over small things like this. You baby will be just fine. There is nothing you can do to change the situation so formula feed away if that's what you have to do and enjoy your baby.

  3. I've read countless studies on how breast milk is far far superior to formula milk. This video and comments is so not based on facts and the science. WAKING  UP AT NIGHT  PREVENTS SIDS. Here they do not recommend any extra vitamins until 6 months .

  4. For cracked  nipples you can use breast milk. Also you shouldn't be experiencing this if your have a good latch. Also you don't need any products for breastfeeding its nice but not essential.

  5. Breastmilk changes with your baby and the probiotic profile changes as your baby grows. Also any pathogen your baby comes in contact with your body makes antibodies to. Formula will never do that.
    I breastfed for 2 years and I never supplemented Vit D, that is what the sun is for….

  6. My pediatrician said all babies should have vitamin d supplement. Even the ones with formula that has vitamin d. Added to it. 400 iu I think was the dose regardless of the vit d in formula

  7. I'm laughing at all the triggered moms. Nobody cares. It doesn't matter. Breastfeeding isn't an achievement that deserves pride and formula feeding is nothing to be ashamed of. Its just an insignificant thing that you either do or you don't. It makes no difference. Just feed ya damn crotch drop however you want and let others do the same. Your kid is likely to grow up a cunt anyway by having a cunt as a parent so maybe concentrate more on the stuff that matters.

  8. Your research is a joke. Your sources are pure opinions. It's sad. Formula has been recalled over 100 times with popular brands since 1982. Manufacturers are selfish and it is not safe for newborns. Formula should not be an option at all. Human breast milk donations can be made over the internet and through friends and family and screened by your doctor. Also there are milk banks you can get subscriptions for located all across the country. Never use formula, it started since world war 2 in America and should not be used ever! Millions of babies have died and I will not take the chances that the can that feed my baby can possibly be contaminated. Nope nope. And soy formula is the worst. And vitamin D. Come on. That's your only rebuttal. It's call sunshine. Geezzzz

  9. You appear to lack the education or knowledge to support your statements in this video. I hope viewers can see through your words and embark on their own research to find valid facts in supporting their decisions.

  10. "Breast is best" iiiis… probably true..? Yes, let's completely disregard years and years of research, 'cause who needs doctors, anyway. Sorry, but this is not a subject that you seem to have any actual factual knowledge about, because this video is full of "supposedly"s, "probably"s, "maybe's" and other such nonsense, this is a video you should have never made.

  11. Well be really surprised because I'm a woman, from the UK, who breastfed exclusively and didn't need to buy anything. I barely grew so no new bras. I leaked only a couple of times when the milk came in for the first time so no pads. I didn't want to use bottles so no pump or storage bags etc. No nursing pillow… Oh i was given muslins as gifts, which I would use to feed in public but that was because I was shy back then and now I probably wouldn't bother with the completely unneccessary fuss of covering myself up. Was such a nuiscance. So sure, most women will grow more or leak but all those things you mentioned are out of choice. They are extras. Breastfeeding in itself it completely free. It was for centuries wasn't it? All the marketing for breastfeeding you mentioned is exactly that. Such an awful video on so many levels.

  12. i breastfed my first lo for 3 years but with my second i cannot manage. I tried soy formula and didn't work out for him,so as per doctor McDougall i m giving him hypoallergenic cowsmilk based formula. it sucks but what can u do..

  13. Anyone interested in learning more about the microbiotic benefits of breastmilk, should checkout the book "Let Them Eat Dirt," which has a great chapter devoted to this emerging science that explains – among other things – how formula feeding is associated with higher rates of infectious disease, obesity and asthma in children.

  14. Swayze's baby is BLESSED. Growing up with that kind of mom, who's well read and logical.. That's so cool… having said that, what about obesity being linked to formula feeding??

  15. I am aware that you asked if theres any women in the 'developed' world who did not spend some sort of money on breastfeeding in jest – however, i am one of those women!! so yes, we do exist. I was donated nursing bras , i did not pump, i made my own pads from recycled cloth, i did not use pillows, and the best ointment for any breastfeeding nipple related problem is (surprise surprise) breastmilk!!! so yea, for me, it was free. we do exist. but even if we are rarity's and the majority of folk in the 'developed' world buy all the gadgets available, please dont be naive to think that formula feeding is ever cheaper. its just not.
    your concern regarding bras – thats a factor whether you BF or not. in fact, so much of these concerns you raise are. im not gonna get on the shame-mothers-for-their-choices bandwagon, but i will call out inaccuracies when i see them, and so much in this video is off the mark, and actually works to induce fear in soon-to-be mothers out of BFing, which is really irresponsible in my opinion.

  16. Dear God. Your poor baby. You are so misinformed it's untrue. And saying there's no difference in weight loss in the mother makes formula just as good is insane. Newsflash: women don't breastfeed to lose weight. They breastfeed to support their baby's immune system – something formula cannot do PERIOD. Please stop feeding your child unnatural GMO garbage just to support your ideals and actually speak with a qualified doctor before putting nonsense like this online.

  17. Ok. Im officially done. Your obnoxious talking down and giggling at people who believe breast is best is so disrespectful. Im sure your viewers are used to a Philosophy major with no medical background talking down to them, but Jesus Christ – this is your first kid and you're the expert now? Talk to moms with more age and experience than you. Maybe a pediatrician or midwife (oh wait…midwives practice psuedo- science, right?)

    Stop being a condescending little know- it -all when you actually know nothing.

    I can't even believe that someone concerned about ethics, science and the environment is actually touting the virtues of formula.

    Stop criticizing everyone and everyone in the world and maybe focus on your family and getting your RD degree.

    And breastfeeding IS free essentially. Formula can run HUNDREDS of dollars a month. You're comparing the cost of a nursing bra (which you can get second hand) to the cost of formula??You can buy a box of nursing pads that will last 2 weeks from Wal-Mart for $4. And not everyone uses a breast pump and bottles. Seriously. Shut up. Women, don't listen to her. Don't let this pretentious person deter you from doing whats best for you and your baby.

  18. If one is able to breastfeed, it is best. The better for child and mother matter. And what about the intimacy you have with baby? About bonding? Also, in another video you mentioned vaccines and it seems you were for them and there are many doctors that talk about the toxins in vaccines like doctor John Bergman. Folks can no longer sue for the negative affects of vaccines. I am hoping you check out John Bergman on vaccines.

  19. I was never told to give my kids vitamin d and they never had anything wrong. I know that not all people are the same, ive just never heard of a vitamin d deficiency in breastfed baby's. Once again, not saying its not true, I just found it odd that I have never heard that with my 2 exclusively breastfed children. The cost thing is a luxury, I didnt buy anything extra because I couldn't, I just dealt with leaky boobs and shotty sports bras. The rest of it was just extras, they are nice to have but not needed. I am not anti formula, I went from exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months to 100% formula with my 2nd because of medical issues, breastfeeding is definitely easier, cheaper, and better for some people. There were stigmas that I had to face with going to formula, and feelings of failure and self loathing that no parent should feel, so I understand why you made this video, but, keep in mind that in some places there are still people being pushed to use formula that would be better off trying to breastfeed because of the long term costs.

  20. I'm still mind boggled that there is a debate over which is better for your baby: the milk that is perfectly balanced for human babies produced by human mothers or an artificial dupe.

  21. I’ve had a horrible time trying to breast feed with a terribly low supply due to various health issues and have had to switch to formula as my baby was not gaining weight … I’ve felt terrible about it, I put so much work into eating right, hydrating, pumping, taking medication for weeks and weeks, and I have been feeling like a failure despite how happy my baby now is. Thank you for this video. The breastfeeding nazis have put a lot of pressure on me, and you have put me at ease.
    To all those who commented negatively: yes, breast is best… for those who’ve got bodies that do their job properly.

  22. I am a vegan mama with a one month old baby girl. Since her birth I’ve tried again and again to breastfeed her, but never have produced enough. Her first week of life she lost so much weight she was at risk! I finally caved and began supplementing with soy formula. I felt like a failure… There is such a negative stigma with formula feeding. I just wanted to say that your video is comforting for mamas like me who tried our best! I still breastfeed and pump as much as I can, but baby is mostly eating formula.

  23. thank you Stacey King. Yes, and also good for jaw development. and for subtle factors that just don't come out with scientific inquiry. the bond, the sensuality inherent, these natural things have great value.

  24. I would like to see you revisit this now and see how you feel now your baby is older. Particularly the following points; the immune protection given by breastfeeding- particularly lower respiratory and ear infections.
    The reduced risk of SIDS associated with breastfeeding. (The fact that formula fed infants sleep deeper is actually thought to be a contributing factor to their increased risk of SIDS)
    The reduced risk of cervical and breast cancer for mothers who breastfeed. As well as the reduced risk of developing food intolerances. I’d also like your take on the virgin gut.
    I value your opinion and generally find your videos quite insightful but feel you missed quite a few important points in this video. I’d be really interested to see what the evidence actually says about the benefits above, and how much has possibly been blown out of proportion.

  25. A baby should always get the best nutrition available. I just wonder if you have come across studies about formula containing "the wrong kind of proteins" that are too big and could damage a newborn baby's intestine which isn't fully developed yet? I've also heard that babies shouldn't get cow's milk before the age of 1 year. I'm a nutrition science student and we have discussed studies about these things in class. Definitely something I should do more research about.

  26. I wonder if it is the formula per se or feeding with a bottle. Maybe feeding breastmilk with a bottle has the same result for babies sleep – they just get more milk out of a bottle quicker compared to the breast… In the studies that I saw they did not control for the amount of milk the babies got in a meal….

  27. Im glad i unsubscribed to her channel…shes very uneducated about most things she talks about…and this is just another video of her spreading misinformation..smh…

  28. The best for infants is breast milk. There's not even a discussion about that. And when a breastfed baby wakes up, you don't have to warm up a bottle or anything like that, you just have to roll over and feed the baby which is very easy if you have a babybay bed (nursing bed) and you can even sleep while breastfeeding. Just saying.

  29. Is this video a joke? It’s totally just this woman’s opinion. Does anyone know why a formula fed baby sleeps longer? Because the formula rots in the stomach and takes
    Longer to digest.
    It is free. Don’t need a pump. Or pads. I just wore a regular bra. My breasts are an “F”
    You are just making yourself sound stupid. You should just
    Take this video down.

  30. From what I understand, you breastfed your child for a period of time and then switched to formula because it proved to be more convenient for you and your family. And that’s perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with formula feeding. However, it’s very clear these reasons you’ve provided for how breast is “barely” best (to use your words) has been cherry picked so that you may justify your own opinions on breastfeeding versus formula feeding. The truth is, both have pros and cons and both will result in healthy babies. As I watched the video, I noticed there were several major benefits to breastfeeding that you neglected to include; I can’t imagine why there was no talk of antibodies, release of oxytocin after delivery which significantly reduces the chance of postpartum hemorrhage and promotes involution, or that (despite your inclusion of decreased GI infections) babies also experience a decreased chance for all infections both in infancy and as they develop. I was very disappointed that you neglected to mention colostrum and all that it has been proven to do for baby. Not to mention the slew of antibodies baby can receive from mom through regular breastmilk. Then to go on and say moms of formula fed babies sleep longer? Breastfed babies need to eat every 2-3 hours, formula fed babies about every 3-4 hours, you wanna talk about marginal differences between the two? That couldn’t be anymore marginal. Regardless of what your baby eats, there are guidelines for how often and formula will not give you more uninterrupted sleep long term over breastmilk. In my opinion, to further your argument by including the “myth” that breastmilk is free or of significantly lower cost than formula was reaching if I’ve ever seen it. Formula is expensive. No two ways about it. No matter if it’s powdered, concentrated, or ready to use, it’s costly. Breastmilk comes straight from the spout and into your baby’s mouth without you pulling out your debit card. Of course the accoutrement that is necessary for them to eat costs money. But that’s not what people mean when they say breastmilk is free. They mean you don’t have to worry about factoring in a recurring cost when comparing the two. I can’t stand the stigma surrounding formula feeding. I know many women who were unable to breastfeed for varying reasons and its terrible the guilt they carried at the hands of others who were unnecessarily judgmental of formula. And I wholly understand your position, it seems that you’ve had experience with both and can speak to that. But as you’ve said in so many of your videos, anecdotes aren’t evidence. Even though you don’t come right out and say it, it’s pretty obvious this isn’t an objective video. I hope that since you’ve been able to center your presence online around critiquing others, you won’t mistake what I’m saying. I really enjoy your content, but I think it’s only fair that if you publish this information it be subject to criticism of some sort. I encourage everyone to do their research and consult with a medical professional before deciding what’s right for them and their families.


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