How Penn Jillette Lost over 100 Lbs and Still Eats Whatever He Wants


The story of the Penn Jilllette’s weight loss is, as you might expect, quite extreme. In fact it was the radical nature of his diet that attracted him to it in the first place. Jillette’s latest book is “Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales” (


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I lost over 100 pounds, a third of my weight. I was probably at my heaviest. You don’t ever weigh yourself at your heaviest but I was probably over 340, certainly around there. And now as I sit here in front of you I’m probably about 232. There’s a fluctuation of a couple of pounds, it goes back and forth. That’s a lot of weight. And I did not lose it for vanity. I was pretty happy with myself fat. I didn’t mind being fat. It wasn’t a big deal to me. I didn’t mind how I looked. But my health was getting bad.

I didn’t even mind how I felt very much. I didn’t mind not being energetic and stuff. But I started having blood pressure that was stupid high like, you know, like English voltage, like 220 even on blood pressure medicine. And I have two young children. I’m an old dad. My daughter was born when I was 50. So I’m 61 now.

And my life expectancy, the actuary tables were crashing down and the doctor said that I had to get a stomach sleeve. It was a wonderful moment because it then gave me the option to go crazy. If you’re going to surgically do something to me to stop me from swallowing that means I don’t have to worry about doing a sane diet. I can get nutty. And being given the option to be nutty was all I needed. I realized that not only am I not good at moderation, I also don’t respect moderation. Anyone I know who’s able to do moderation I don’t like them.

The people I respect and love are people that go wild. I mean I don’t want to go into Kerouac here but the mad ones. No one brags about climbing a nice little slope. You brag about climbing Everest. So once my friend Ray Cronise who I can Cray Ray, once Cray Ray told me that I could lose the weight but it was going to be really hard, it got really easy. Once you make something a challenge, you make something I can brag about, I can do it. Read Full Transcript Here:


  1. Ive been eating WHATEVER I WANT for 40 years. Although I DONT eat HOWEVER MUCH I WANT. Aside from that Penn is fat, ugly and stupid. Trying desperately to run with the intellectual crowd, but he just can't keep up.

  2. It’s a great feeling not craving the bad things. I get 100% on eat what you want every few weeks or so it makes the lifestyle change very easy. I was a person that when I would diet if I fell off the wagon I stayed off I don’t do that any more I realize that tomorrow is another day to do better.

  3. your the real dummy if you dont believe in God, you figured out about the food and weight loss , then u said if ppl dont know they deserve to die well u deserve to die then i guess because the bible says a FOOL has said in his heart there is no God your going to hell how stupid is that, you better learn to believe because ur going to die one day and your going somewhere and guess what those demons are going to stand on ur shoulders reminding you of how dumb you are and telling you that you deserve to be there.

  4. Good for you Penn, but one thing you'll find out soon, is that you don't have to be an atheist any longer, it is time to grow and reconsider your old beliefs, Jesus is Lord

  5. Its crazy they state fir a man height 6.6 tall lije penn is his ideal weight in 190 pounds . Penn just said he is now 232 pounds so imagine if he lost another 42 pounds he will look like death warned up

  6. My daughter asked me to train her to run
    I use to do distance running
    But smoked when I got older
    The next day I gave up smoking
    Going on 6 years now
    My point is children are the best motivators

  7. Needs to eat more protein and lift weights. And start taking testosterone therapy if needed since he abused
    his body being obese so many years. Low T becomes a major issue.

    He looks like he has an illness.

  8. I appreciate Penn's frankness. He's a super smart cat.
    The part about how now he'll occasionally eat something like a NY slice or something with oil or sugar – Just a heads-up to those of us who feel we can also do that: BE REAL WITH YOURSELF AND NOTICE IF THEY TRIGGER YOUR CRAVINGS TO RETURN. SOME people can honestly handle the occasional (fill in indulgence of choice), without setting off a binge or a fall. But if it leads to more of the same, get real, and hit reset. Dr. Lisle writes about this in The Pleasure Trap.

  9. For anyone thinking about trying this– don't! Almost any nutrition expert will tell you that this is not a healthy balanced diet. Penn Jillette is a celebrity. Being a celebrity does NOT automatically make one an expert on nutrition or anything else for that matter. He doesn't even look all that healthy; he just looks thinner.

  10. Such a putz. So full of himself. "Addiction is loaded word, no one knows what it means." As someone who has loved more than a few addicts, I'd love to sit down with him and explain to him what addiction is. And I'd love to get to whatever level of celebrity Penn is so I can believe whatever bullshit falls out of my mouth. That being said, I'm glad he decided to live for his kids. Well done.

  11. I'm 72 and lost 100 lbs over 2 years. It is a process, it requires determination and your physiology will change. Healthwise, diabetes was reversed, back/joint pain much relieved, from 11 meds to 3. Don't wait until you get to your tipping point to make the change. Yes, there are some foods that no longer appeal to me. Love to all…


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