Loose Skin Removal Surgery after 110 Pound Weight Loss


Also, on my surgery day (October 5th) I have asked Blackhawk Plastic Surgery to share updates via their Instagram story, this way you all will be able to see how I’m doing, and get updates!
Here is the link to follow their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackhawkplasticsurgery/
My surgeon: http://www.blackhawkplasticsurgery.com
Thank you all so much for your endless support and love! Here’s to the next step!


  1. Hi Susanne,
    I have been following you from the very beginning and I am so happy for you. You are an inspiration.
    Besides you are just such a great person that it just boggles my mind.
    Your parents did such a great job!
    Best wishes for you and soonest recovery. I hope to meet you in person one day.

  2. You are such a beautiful person and I'm so psyched about watching this series and seeing what the results are like. The last time I commented was 15 months ago. I was 115kg. I started Keto but couldn't keep it up. So I found something that worked for me and now I am 85kg 🙂
    Bless you and good luck!

  3. Amazing! I'm on a weight loss journey and I'm 94lbs down so far but have much further to go. Around 85 I could tell if I pinched my skin it would stay pinched on my belly, so I've been thinking a lot about excess skin and fear that I'll be stuck with it!

  4. I'm guessing you lost weight using the ketogenic diet. I'm scared to do it but I guess it worked for you. I lost weight mainly by exercising a lot. I remember some days I would exercise up to three hours! The only downside to losing weight is being a little obsessed with maintaining my figure but I rather deal with this aspect than deal with being obese.

  5. How mich did everything cost im on a wieghtloss journey i have ive lost 80 pounds and have another 100 to go and can already see my skin saggin just wondering around how much should i be saving

  6. You are so beautiful. After pregnancy I gained almost 100lbs, I’m 5’1. I started dieting & exercising and have lost almost 80lbs but no matter how hard I work out I now have loose skin every where. I’ve been looking into skin removal and thanks to this video I have made my decision to have this surgery. Thank you.

  7. I have this tummy after having had my kids 🙁
    I was so small when I got pregnant and then got so big so quickly that the skin in my stomach just kinda broke.
    Then I lost the weight again so quickly and was back to 94lbs within four months. I remember going swimming and my friends saying how fantastic my body looked and how I didn’t look like I’d had any kids and I remember thinking to myself ‘yeah it’s only because of the swimsuit holding my pouch in lol’.
    Think I’m going to look into this surgery because it’s been a few years now and another child and it’s even worse now.
    You are looking fantastic amazing weight loss 🙂


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