16 Year Old Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation! 15-16 (MOTIVATION!) | Calisthenics & Gym/Weights


► 16 Year Old Incredible Body Transformation! (Workout MOTIVATION!) | Calisthenics & Weights | Fat To MUSCULAR BEFORE AFTER
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My purpose of this video is to motivate you, no matter if you have you to go from Fat to muscle or from Skinny to muscle, for everyone, body transfomation in the gym, calisthenics, for women or girls, men and boys. you can do it 🙂

You’ll reach your goals, if that is getting that six pack, becoming a body builder, that adonis physique or burning fat or just want to feel better.
Street workout, home gym, every workout counts!

Inspirations for me and others are of course arnold schwarzenegger, Frank Medrano, CT Fletcher, Bar brothers, Calisthenics Unity, bradley martyn and others in the fitness/bodybuilding and calisthenics community!

Videos that inspired me!
16 Year Old Incredible Body Transformation! – Calisthenics Unity!
Of course BAR BROTHERS and other 1 year Body transformations 🙂

This one too:
16 Year Old Insane 1 Year Body Transformation!! | 15-16 | Skinny to MUSCULAR! – Max Scheck
16 Year Old Incredible Body Transformation! – Calisthenics Unity HU! (Street Workout Motivation)
My 1 Year Body Transformation / 15-16 Years Old Incredible Change !
The Most Craziest – Teenage Fitness Body Transformations Ever! Before & After Motivation!!!

In this video:

And remember..

Thank you for the support and make sure to Give me your before and after pictures of your crazy transformation! 🙂

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  2. was just looking through my suggested and im happy i found this. i am 16 and have been going to the gym for about a year and a half but the last 6 or 7 months have sorted out my diet and i have lost 15% body fat (was 37.5% now in 22%). i was just thinking that this is going to slow down and stuff and was feeling very demotivated but this has inspired me to work even harder than i already have. i was gonna skip my cardio session today but im just about to go for a mental one after this. THANK YOU!


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