5 Mental Benefits of Going Vegan


Check out the resources below to learn how to go vegan so you can experience these mental benefits too!

Why Vegan?

-Earthlings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEliPlTqkEk
-Best Speech You Will Ever Hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4
-Speciesism: http://speciesismthemovie.com/



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  1. People would get upset about you saying how they are destroying the planet by eating meat but that's how it is. People really need to see what their actions are causing and I really admire you for this video❤️

  2. have you had any brain fog when being vegan? some days, i feel like im living in a blur. everything feels super weird and i forget just walking down the stairs, and having a conversation creeps me the fuck out and i cannot do it. other days im mega fuckin confident no brain fog can look people straight in the eyes and all that. its so fuckin annoying.

  3. Thumbs up! I've found that I am definitely in a better mood since I changed my lifestyle/diet to being plant base. I agree, I believe it helps the mind in many ways including focus.

  4. I eat meat because it’s natural. You can’t have life without death. There will always be suffering whether you like it or not. I disagree with large scale farming of animals but you can only vote with you dollars. Meat is nutrient dense. Humans are omnivores. That’s why we have k9 teeth and shred meat flatter teeth in the back for plants. Everyone wants to be a carnivore or vegan but it’s all about moderation. This vegan movement is a hippy sjw movement that is not doing any good but trying to take other people’s rights away. I am for freedom do what you want and eat what you want. Just my 2cents. If everything lived forever then life would be meaningless. We should raise our farm animals with care and give them good lives.


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