What Really Happens To Your Body When You Go Vegan


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Whether you’re a vegetarian and thinking of taking things to the next level of animal-free eating, or a long-time carnivore getting ready to start a completely plant-based diet, going vegan is a major life change. Before switching over to veganism, you should be aware of the major biological shifts that will likely happen when changing your diet in such a drastic way. Don’t be alarmed when these changes go down—this is just what happens when you go vegan…

Decreased heart disease risk | 0:31
Weight loss | 1:01
A little bloating | 1:22
A little muscle fatigue | 1:54
Bad taste | 2:37

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  1. It's true that animal protein is easier to utilize. However, it is a lot easier to recover as a vegan since your diet is most likely full of antioxidants which help with recovery.

  2. I'm shocked about the protein part cause it's a fact that animal protein is RECYCLED protein. How? Cows eat plants. Chickens eat plant base. Many fish eat ocean plant base. Pigs eat plant base. So eating vegan you're only gaining actual protein. I'm an athlete myself and been vegan for 4 months now and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm eating the right protein for my body as other vegan athletes. Research vegan athletes, you'll be surprised. Have a blessed day.

  3. A little muscle fatigue…….?
    I watched this……?
    I'm asking questions….?
    I'm just not convinced, still in the long term. I have friends that are vegan. More friends like me that work out everyday….
    But I can't find a crossover, of vegan friends that work out everyday….
    If any thing I get, " well I look better so I don't work out everyday, anymore…."
    I don't get it…..
    I get more outta working out….
    Can I maintain my size eating a vegan diet…..?
    How do I get 2700 calories a day eating, fruits and veggies……?
    I don't wanna lose weight….
    I'm trying to get bigger….
    Is that possible???,

  4. By leaving animals alone and eating plants.

    You are more of killing oxygen, the planet and yourself.

    You see no matter how much you want to save the world, you can't.

    Without animals, there would be nothing to our body.

    Without plants too.

    Eating plants only, would reduce oxygen significantly and our bodies would be harmed. Same goes for the meat part, except for the oxygen bit.

    You see. The human body needs to eat all eatable food products, except junk food. Like meat, salad and vegetables without it a bodybuilder would be useless and an athelete would be weak, not in physical appearance and stamina, but in strength.

    For example, eating both meat, vegetables and salad would greatly increase your strength, cardio and physical appearance, while people who eat vegetables only would notice little changes every now and then.

    People who eat vegetables only, would witness more diseases than meat-eaters.

    While meat-eaters eat both meat and vegetables and salad. They grow to have a strong metabolism, strong stomach, cardio, stamina, strength, intelligence and concentration.

    No matter how a plant is more successful than a piece of meat, that meat would fill in a piece of puzzle that a plant cannot. Since a piece of meat would regain your stamina easily than vegetables.

    Imagine you haven't eaten for like 1-2 days in a forest alone, you have a plate of salad and a plate of meat infront of you, a delicious sheep meat or cow meat. A half piece of it. I would rather eat that piece of meat, why? Because it would give me more strength to hunt down animals and cook them and search for healthy vegetables. A sane person would add that piece of meat next to the plate of salad, because that would double his energy by x2, because you gave your body the pieces it needs to fill in the puzzle, pieces of meat and salad.

    I hope I explained it good.

  5. Not saying to anyone to stop being vegan, but it wont help A LOT, when every two seconds an area of natural forest the size of a soccer pitch is cut down, that is not enough to save the planet.

  6. If you go on ANY sort of diet which removes the mass quantity of processed junk, and increases the amount of whole, natural foods one eats, heart disease risk drops just as much. Stop blaming meat for the damage sugar and simple carbs have done!

  7. this Video is bad. I don't mean, that those pints are wrong. They are just not balaced…
    The Heart- Exemple: Yea, most vegans have less problems with their heart. But that is not because they don't eat meat. It's because they care for there food and need to really think about what tey eat. People who eat animal products have same results, if they care about what they eat and think about their lifestyle. There are just more opportunities for people who eat everything to eat unhealthy. That does not mean, that eating everything will lead to a unhealthier life. so the study might be rigt. but it does not show that vegans are healthier, but that a healthy diet has a great impact on your herat. That is a difference…

  8. I’ve noticed that digestion is so much more efficient now that I’m vegan. I used to have digestive issues but I’ve been vegan for about 6 months and I everything works like a charm now. 😁

  9. Eating vegetables for the rest of your life is not healthy at all. Never do this. Eat meat as well! Vegans out there think there fit and healthy actually they're not. Protein is essential to the body for building body tissue which strengthens your muscles and heals wounds and cuts faster. Don't try just one thing, this world is built for us to experiment on it and just trying a thing over and over and over again is not an option.

  10. The part where she's talking about human bodies being able to absorb animal protein much faster than vegetables is SIMPLY NOT TRUE PLEASE DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH. Our intestines are complex and a lot longer than that of a cats or dogs. It actually takes way longer to process meat than vegetables, and since it takes so long that meat starts rotting inside your body. Plus, because of all the inflammation meat brings to your muscles and body, athletes sometimes have an even harder time than an athlete with a plant based diet. I'm sick and tired of everyone losing their shit about protein. You need it yes, but you can find all that you're looking for in plants. And another thing, the thing everyone says about needing to take b12 supplements after gong vegan is not true. You can find it naturally, and a main source is nutritional yeast! Again, please educate yourself a bit.


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