BEFORE AND AFTER – 50 POUNDS LOST with Intermittent Fasting


Merry Christmas my dear friends! Here is a little motivation for you for the morning after!

Link to my 2016-17 progress chart:

Link to my 2018 progress chart:

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So far I lost 50 pounds following Intermittent Fasting diet. It means that I fast most of the day. I drink coffee, tea and water and nothing else. At noon or so I eat for an hour and that is my first and last meal of the day. It wasn’t easy at first, but it’s a new norm for me now.

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  1. You are doing amazing! I will be with you for the journey! I realized about a month ago that at times where I never had issues with weight I ate 1x a day and never knew it was such and amazing tool for my health. Well I'm down 15lbs during the holidays (who else can say they are loosing during the holidays!). I couldn't be happier. Love your videos, keep up the great work!

  2. Okay so I started my keto diet 2 weeks ago and I did lost "SOME" weight. Now I'll try to do IF and hope it works best for me in losing body fats and to get lean. Do you count calories on your feast time? Carbs, fats, proteins? Or you just eat whatever is available to you?

  3. Does it matter when you eat the meal?
    I eat an apple or orange for breakfast then for lunch a fruit smoothie with water or soymilk then water and fruit when i get a craving and i eat my cooked meal at six in the evening.

  4. I started today and I'm not sure if I'm eating the right food..I eat one meal n that's salad w/ fruits at 11:00am..After this I only drink water. ..What do you eat and when did you started to notice the change(in days)?

  5. I saw your weight loss progress chart. I have been doing Intermittent Fasting after watching your Video and lost 10 lbs in 16days. But there is one thing that I don't understand and that is , Why my weight is more in evening than in morning and next day it drops again? . Eg. on 20th Apr morning I weighed 88.5 kg and in same evening it was 88.6kg. Next Morning on 21st Apr it was 86.7kg.. Kindly rply.

  6. We're about the same size and height but I was closer to 260lbs. I started my fast the 20th of November 2017. I've lost about 10-12 lbs. I still drink my coffee with cream powder. I take 2 Amino Acid tablets every morning and I can still lift pretty heavy weights so maybe that's why I haven't lost more weight. But this does work and I don't plan to quit. My goal is to lose 60lbs by next summer. Besides lifting weights I'm also into yoga and thourghly stretching every day

  7. I’m also on OMAD + everyday jogging (at least 6 miles). Since May 2018, I’ve lost about 10kg or more than 20 lbs and still trying to lose about 8kg. I do low carb diet and no sugar intake. I’ve seen a lot of OMAD and warrior diet videos before but I only started it when I stumble upon your channel because we are almost the same, we don’t do intense workout, which really inspired me to go on OMAD. Keep it up and keep inspiring others.


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