The Stunning Transformation Of Michelle Obama


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Michelle Obama was both the First Lady and the public’s best gal pal. She might be speaking to students, military troops, or VIPs at a White House gala, but somehow she appears to be talking specifically to each of us every time she starts sharing her pearls of wisdom.

Born into a middle-class family on the southside of Chicago, Michelle carved out her extraordinary success through hard work and relentless dedication, boldly challenging the status quo throughout her life. As a former lawyer and Ivy-league graduate, she’s used her post as First Lady to advocate for women’s rights, education, equality, gun control, and wellness. As she prepares to move out of the White House just after her 53rd birthday, we’re celebrating how far she’s come…

Humble beginnings | 0:48
Yes she can | 1:27
The boss | 2:05
Breaking ground | 2:45
Mom first | 3:08
Making history | 3:47
Salary sacrifice | 4:20
Fashionista | 4:43
Madame President? | 5:15

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  1. Michelle was and students an inspiration to everyone around her. I love and miss her and Barack Obama. The love was strong between them and their daughters, as well as the people who adored them. God bless them.

  2. Looks like youtube algorithms are burying search results. I typed in “Michelle Obama is a man” and not one result for it. And then I saw this one…false advertising!


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