Can Intermittent Fasting give you loose skin after weight loss? Does loose skin ever tighten?


Do you feel that the weight coming off at such a fast rate can cause loose skin. If you are overweight and are in fear of loosing weight due to loose skin you must watch this video. Some people feel that intermittent Fasting can give you loose skin but I breakdown everything for you to make that crucial decision to have a healthy lifestyle. Having loose skin is not a joke and can mess with a person mentally. Hopefully I touched on the subject with the up most sensitivity and respect for those who suffer through this dilemma of loose skin. Does loose skin ever tighten? I break it down in the video.

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* I’m not a nutritionist nor am I a doctor all information given has been gathered by personal experience and information that I researched and compiled over the years. Always consult a physician before starting a new diet, eating regiment, or workout plan.

I hope this video is informative on the insecurities that one might feel as well as the importance to overcome them. Enjoy

Are there any aspects of Intermittent Fasting that you would like me to touch on? If so let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Oxtail is a great way to build collagen. It helps with skin tightening. I'm sure especially while you are in the process of loosing the weight. That was a big part of my diet while on keto. My skin looked amazing.

  2. I can confirm that it gives no loose skin, not that I was fat before I started. However I have lost so much fat on my rear that it sometimes hurts when I sit on a park bench.

  3. I guess my thoughts are, if you’re seriously overweight – you already have extra skin… you can choose to keep the extra skin full of fat or not, but loosing weight doesn’t cause the extra skin – gaining weight does.

  4. See my research tells me that if you do it wrong thats how you get lose skin! You need to make sure your getting all your vitamins. Coconut butter is good for elasticity. I eat coconut oil with every meal. My skin for the most part is good. Ive read that if your getting your vitamins and keep at it it eventually the skin will retract.

  5. I’ll let you in on a secret… when you are obese, if are going to have loose skin after weight loss, you actually already have loose skin. You just can’t tell yet because it’s full of fat.

  6. There's studies out there showing the correlation between rapid weight loss and the amount of loose skin. The point of IF is to not put yourself in a caloric deficit. I think people are doing IF but are still undereating and that leads to a faster weight loss and loose skin. Autophagy will eat and recycle the loose skin through IF but losing weight really fast is counter intuitive since autophagy won't be able to keep up. I think half a pound or 1 pound of fat loss per week is the most reasonable and optimal way for fat loss and loose skin prevention.

  7. To anyone who see’s this intermittent fasting and keto will give you lose skin. How did I prevent this? Water fasting for 14 days apoptosis kills the unnecessary cells.

  8. In any kind of weigth or fat loss program is recomended Weight training bc it will help you to have less loose skin, maybe no perfect but your skin looks more firm. I started lifting heavy once i stared loosing weight 2 years ago. I am new in intermittent fasting ( 5weeks- 3.5lb) and my gool is to break the fat loss platoe.

  9. Intermittent fasting mixed with pro long fasting (3-4 days) solves loose skin. Along with consuming fat and harmful toxins in your body, your body also eats its loose skin as a protein.

  10. skin is protein. maybe body can take it if it needs? if we have balanced diet while losing weight, little/or no skin will stay loose at the end? . maybe this does not make sense, just guessing.

  11. Check out snake diet and people who dry fast lose loose skin case by case of course but with autophagy the body heals so checkout snake diet where fat is food fat people can fast long periods cause of their fat being their food anyway see what you think abd check it out.

  12. Man look. The only way or reason for the loose skin is if your loosing weight the unhealthy way! bi-pass, lipo, and on a strict fast. You must exercise and try toning your muscles. Everybody want things the quick way in life, well this is the results. Take your time, be patient and just do it the healthy way. Intermittent Fasting seems to be the awesomeness way to go!

  13. Im a 5ft 6inch. 21 year old guy. Im at 220pound and have a goal in mind of 150-155pounds. So i gained this weight in span of 3-4 years. Before that i used to play lots of outdoor sports(football/soccer) most of the time, so i had a good muscle built-up and athletic body. I mean still when i flex, even though i have fat, i also have pretty good muscles.I started to gain weight when i stopped playing because of my college studies and turned towards junk foods. Now im afraid that i’ll have lots of loose skins when im done with my transformation

  14. I was just wondering this because in the past I have lost weight somewhat slow and steady and I wasn't suffering from lose skin even with a 80 pound weight loss so I was unsure about if it was faster if I might suffer from that

  15. lose weight slolwy and dogt becoem skinny keep aweught evven if your 250 becoming 210 is fine lose another 40 and you have wrinkly skin if yu los ethe th enext 40 very slwoly plenty of wate and rverse sit ups

  16. I went from 225 to 167 with IF in 8 mo. Yes, I have loose skin, on the other hand I'm 70 years old. Loose skin however was not a problem until IF. I also lift weights 4 days a week. It's not unsightly because it's not that radical. I'll deal with it with a smile. I've never been healthier.

  17. Loose skin isnt always the case when you're loosing a lot of weight. I was 20 and I lost 140 lbs and I didnt have loose skin. I have stretch marks, but thankfully as long as I stay at a somewhat healthy weight they fade.

  18. It's really easy to know if you will have loose skin. Basically if your skin is loose while you are bigger. Like boobs, stomach, and arms that hang you are most likely to have loose skin when you lose weight. If your skin is tight while fat you won't have much of a problem.


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